Cosplay Photos: Costumers with a Cause (CWC) Fundraiser for St. Jude at the Volo Auto Museum

CWC Volo St Jude 2017
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April 29th was a horrible night for weather; it was cold, wet, and icy, but that didn’t stop the cosplayers in Costumers with a Cause (CWC) from heading out to Volo, IL to participate in a unique fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Volo, IL is home to the Volo Auto Museum, a museum filled with more vehicles than you can imagine.  They have antique cars, muscle cars, trucks, motorbikes, antique snowmobiles, retro motor homes, military vehicles and so much more….you need hours to wander the miles of vehicles they have scattered in numerous warehouses and across the property.

The best part of this museum is their collection of movie vehicles and these were the focus of the event. Cosplayers dressed to match the cars and patrons got a fantastic two-for-one deal…they got to see cars and costumes and pose with both.

Despite the weather, the event was a success.