Cosplay Photos: Curious Comic Con


Comic Cons come in all shapes, come in all sizes and are all over the world. At PopCultHQ, we try to cover as much as we can as we want to show the diversity in the comic convention world. The huge conventions like Wizard World and Reed Pop events are great, they bring together the best of many worlds. The big conventions help introduce people to something they may not have previously encountered and gives them opportunities to do and see more than they could even hope.

And all of those big conventions would not be in existence today if not for the ‘little’ conventions. The small mom and pop comic book stores and the small gatherings of fans pulled together by a similar interest. It’s these small cons that started it all, so it’s nice to occasionally cover one of them.

Curious Comic Con in Nanaimo, BC Canada is one of these small conventions that caught my eye. It was on May 6th, and was held at Curious Comics. They even had a special guest, MacKenzie Gray, who is most recently know as The Eye on Legion. He has also voiced Fangpyre General on Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, Obadiah Stane on Iron Man: Armored Adventures and has had numerous other voice and personal appearances.

Thank you to Shill Shack for letting me use their pictures of this great event