Two Years Ago Today – May 4, 2015

Star Wars Day (May 4th), 2015 was, of course, filled with Star Wars stuff. This was the day that we learned when The Force Awakens merchandise was to be released.

We also got a fantastic look at  32 helmets of the NFL if they were in the Star Wars universe.  They were created and designed by Mexican artist John Raya

And we learned about a Star Wars Scavenger Hunt At The Joliet Area Historical Museum.

In other, non-Star Wars news, we found out that Grey Hulk was originally supposed to be in the Avengers.

Grey Hulk

Hot Topic gave the female geek squad something heroic to wear

We also found out about an Exclusive Toys “R” Us “Secret Wars: Armor Wars, #1/2” Marvel Comic Book! 

Manny revealed The Return Of Valiant’s Archer & Armstrong