Last Night on CONAN – 4/25/17: Hank Azaria | Moshe Kasher | Vir Das

PopCultHQ brings you all the best from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, April 25th, Conan welcomed
Hank Azaria (IFC’s Brockmire),
Moshe Kasher (Problematic with Moshe Kasher),
and comedian Vir Das (Abroad Understanding).

CONAN Monologue 04/25/17​:

Conan jokes about Ivanka Trump’s trip to Germany, Donald Trump’s border wall, and Rhino Tinder.

Introducing: ObSessions By Jeff Sessions:

Ivanka Trump has been criticized for exploiting her family’s political power to hawk clothing.
So why isn’t anyone causing a fuss about Jeff Sessions’ new line of cologne?

Audience Member Theme Songs: So High Edition:

There’s one guy in the CONAN studio audience who’s REALLY enjoying the show.

Conan Erased A Hammy Audience Member:

Let this be a lesson to studio audience hams, if you act up,
the CONAN graphics department will erase you from the show.

Hank Azaria Learned Voices By Mimicking His Family:

A teenage Hank could do a dead on impression of his paternal grandmother
that never failed to fool and horrify his mother.

Hank Azaria Is Too Sarcastic For Commercials:

Hank is an incredibly successful voice actor,
but has trouble sincerely selling products when the camera is pointed at him.

Hank Azaria Has No Problem With Nudity:

Hanks had to have sex on a baseball field and run around the bases nude in “Brockmire.”
He was fine with it and has been on many occasions.

Hanks Azaria Threw A Serious First Pitch:

Hank gave serious pitch face when he threw out the first pitch at Citi Field.

Hank Azaria’s Favorite “Brockmire” Lines:

In “Brockmire,” Hank plays a baseball announcer whose color commentary gets pretty colorful.

Moshe Kasher On The Pros And Cons Of The March For Science:

Moshe loved being surrounded by do-gooders at the March For Science,
but found the amount of litter quite troubling.

Moshe Kasher Is Good At Sex:

Back in his bachelor days, Moshe was so good at sex that he orgasmed every time.

Moshe Kasher On How The Internet Is Changing Our Brains:

According to Moshe, the internet is five websites:
Facebook, Amazon, Google, and – and they’re all ruining us.

Moshe Kasher’s Mom Loves Bitmojis:

Technology may be changing our brains,
but Moshe is thrilled that it allows him to communicate better with his hearing-impaired mom.

Vir Das: Donald Trump Is America’s Arranged Marriage:

Comedian Vir Das makes his US late night stand-up debut,
covering Trump, religion, and breakfast cereal.

On Wednesday, April 26th, Conan welcomes
Dennis Quaid (Fortitude),
Morena Baccarin (Gotham),
and musical guest Nikki Lane.

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