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Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 (April 21-23): Artists, Authors & Exhibitors + Downloadable Maps!

by Jason Bennett
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Pairing Science with Fiction

Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC), Steve Wozniak’s pop culture and technology expo, is only a few days away! Taking place April 21-23, 2017 in downtown San Jose, Silicon Valley Comic Con aims to inspire and entertain with celebrity appearances, science/tech discussions, film and TV screenings, panels with award-winning authors and artists, cosplay contests and more.

In addition to celebrating the pop culture and technology of today, SVCC 2017 will feature a series of themed exhibits and sessions focused on the “Future of Humankind: Where will we be in 2075?” SVCC 2017 attendees will be able to hear visions of the future from high profile guests and companies spanning a variety of industries. Here’s a look at the featured artists, guests authors, and exhibitors at SVCC 2017:


Partner Studio of Image Comics
Face painter at Disneyland in Anaheim
Marvel Comics’ “The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe”
Legendary Marvel comic book artist behind Longshot, X-Men and More
Best known for Swamp Thing, Current Artist for Prince Valiant
Marvel editor and comic book historian
Best known for his work on Marvel Comics Spider-Woman series and Fables from Vertigo
Best known for the interior artist for “Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys”
Illustrator and Harvey Award Nominated Inker
Best known for Lady Death and Evil Ernie
Legendary DC Comics War artist
Acclaimed Disney Animator and Illustrator
One of the most prolific comic book artists of the 1980s
Best known for his work on “Seven Soldiers: Zatanna,” “X-Factor” and “The Spectre”
Best known for co-creating “Alien Legion”
Eisner Award-Winning Cartoonist and Illustrator best known for his work on Simpsons, Futurama and as a Disney Illustrator
Best known for art on such comic book titles as Deadpool Corps, X-Force: Shatterstar, Grifter, Brigade, Notti & Nyce, and more
3D Model Maker Making a Massive Papercraft K-2SO on SVCC Show Floor Model Maker
Inker on X-Men for nearly 10 years
Bay Area Fan Favorite, 12-Year Old Up and Coming Comic Book Artist
Cover Artist for Zenescope, IDW Entertainment, Valiant Entertainment, Lady Death, Contraband, and Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment
Owen Gildersleeve is an artist best known for specialising in handcrafted illustration, design and art direction
Best known for his work in Somerset Holmes, Strikeforce: Morituri, and the Eisner Award-Winning Astro City
Storyboard Artist Known for Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl
Best known for Ancient Dreams
Current Deadpool artist
Artist, Illustrator and Storyteller
Producer of the very first all-woman comic book, "It Ain't me, Babe." and One of the Founding Mothers of “Wimmin’s Comix”
Former editor for Marvel and one of the most prolific comic book artists of the 1980s and 1990s
Co-Creator & Illustrator for Eisner Award Nominated Transmetropolitan and The Boys, Also Known for His Work On Wolverine, Deadpool, Batman, Justice League and More
Best known for FAUST
Mark is best known for his work on the graphic novel series COBALT 60 and as the creator of the hit comic Miami Mice
Comic book artist and inker for Marvel, DC, Valiant, Image, and Top Cow
Award Winning Creator & Marvel Artist Best Known For His Work On Marvel Zombies
Insightful Curation of Cartoon & Comic Book Art, Re-Opening Summer 2017
TV Host & Documentary Maker
Best known for his design work on popular films including Pan's Labyrinth, First Blood and The Mist
Best known for his work on the Violent Messiahs and Snake Plissken comic books
Best known for Top Cow’s Witchblade
Artist Behind 150+ Iconic Movie Posters, Including Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Back to the Future Films
Eisner Nominated Comic Book Artist and Illustrator
Curator for San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum
Best known for her work for Eclipse and Marvel, her 2D animation on Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle and Sam and Max Hit the Road games for LucasArts
DC Comics Eisner Award Winning Inker & Bay Area Native
X-Men, Supergirl
Bronze Age Marvel Artist
Top Cow Digital Colorist Behind Cyber Force, Artifacts, Eclipse, IX Generation and more
Sonic the Hedgehog, The Simpsons and Annoying Orange
Best known for his Illustration art of Firefly, Star Wars, Once upon a Time and Indiana Jones
Charcoal Portrait Artist

New York Times bestselling author, television writer, and the co-creator and executive producer of EXTINCT, a new science-fiction television series premiering October 2017 on BYU TV
Author of “The Martian”
Award-winning screenwriter and author, best known as the co-writer of ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY
M Todd Gallowglas is a professional storyteller (like on a stage with a show in front of real people) and the bestselling author of the Tears of Rage and Halloween Jack series
Best known for “A Tale of the Red Riding Rise of the Alpha Huntress,” “Clan of the Vein” and “Kaijudo Clash of the Duel Masters”
Best Known as the authors of “The Strand Prophecy,” “Extinctions Embrace,” “Red Moon Rising,” and soon to be released, “The Perfect Compatibility Test”
Best Known for for continuing the Dragonriders of Pern series in collaboration with his mother Anne McCaffrey

1 Sixth by OC
Booth 227
2.5D Sprites
Booth 1408
7 Stars Bar & Grill
Booth 1305
Booth EEH37
8i (Buzz Aldrin: Cylcing Pathways to Mars)
Booth 1337
A&B Comics
Booth 123
Acrylic Artworks
Booth C40
Booth 624
Adam's Comics & Collectibles
Booth 224
Adventures of the 19xx
Booth 1401
Booth 1038
Age Art
Booth 1248
Akumu Ink
Booth 1508
Albert Nguyen Illustrations
Booth A40
All Ages Media
Booth C41
All Out Collectibles
Booth 129
amazing adventures
Booth 29
Booth 418
American Dischord
Booth 121
Angelo Esquivel Artist
Booth 1421
Anime Depot
Booth 1409
Anime Link
Booth 1435
Booth 838
Art Brand Studios
Booth 847
Art By Digits
Booth LL29
Art By Ellen Ma
Booth LL32
Art Of Francis Te
Booth B38
Art of John Giang-Orbital Harvest
Booth B3-4
Art of Leanne Huynh
Booth C3
Art of Lorraine Yee
Booth C21
Art Of Mai Van
Booth EEH40
Art of Michael C. Hayes
Booth 1528
Art of Michelle Stanford
Booth LL7
Art of Nate Kelly
Booth PS6
Art of RJ Palmer
Booth LL15
Booth LL14
Artwork By Christopher Cayco
Booth A5
Ashley Boyd
Booth EEH47
Atlas Supply Co
Booth 947
Atrium Gift Shoppe
Booth 1427
Awkward Affections
Booth LL36
Booth 1147
BANDAI / Bluefin
Booth 637
Beefy & Co
Booth EEH7
"Ben Russell Artist Illustartor"
Booth B8
Big Red Comics
Booth 125
Black Cat Jewlery & Gifts
Booth EEH10
Black Sheep Comics
Booth A8
Bling Squared Cute Glass
Booth B35
Booth 1240
Boston Metaphysical Society Comic
Booth A6
Boylord Comics
Booth B52
Brackets-Trading Cards/Gaming/Tournaments
Booth 1238
Brad Burdick
Booth A30
Booth C30
Brick Brigade LLC
Booth EEH1
Brick by Brick Design
Booth EEH2
Bronze Age Batcave
Booth 25
Booth LL8
Bunky Brothers
Booth EEH15
C. Gurat Design
Booth A45
California Hot Shots
Booth 1309
Cantonese Opera Association - Silicon Valley
Booth LL25
Cape And Cowl Comics
Booth 534
Capital One
Booth 725
Carlyfornia/From The Land Beyond
Booth 229
Carter Comics
Booth B51
Cartoon Art Museum
Booth 35
Casey Desilets Illustrations
Booth LL19
Booth 1422
CGC Comics
Booth 329
Champion Comics
Booth 314
Chaos In Color
Booth EEH30
Booth 1410
Chicago Costume
Booth EEH5
Children's Discovery Museum
Booth Kids STEAM Lab
Chosen Wan Apparel
Booth 1426
Chris's Comics
Booth EEH24
Booth C5
City of San Jose
Booth 435
CJ Toys
Booth 1502
Classic Plastix
Booth 333
CLIR Studio
Booth B2
Cocoon Garden
Booth C26
Cody Vrosh & Binary Winter Press
Booth B48
Booth C23
Collectors Corner
Booth 322
Collectors Universe
Booth 1333
Colorworld Books
Booth 1417
Comic & Figure Addicts
Booth 1416
Comic Madness
Booth 315
Comic Swords
Booth 441
Common Tongue
Booth 317
Booth EEH9
Coollines Artwork
Booth 319
Booth B27
Craigmore Creations
Booth LL18
Creative Leafs Ink
Booth C18
Creature Features
Booth 138
Creepy KOFY Gang
Booth 43
Cupcakes & Switchblades
Booth 943
Curious Things
Booth 118
Booth A20
Dammit Tees
Booth 941
Dava Design/DDRA Steampunk
Booth LL20
Dave & Adams Comic World
Booth A1
Dave Baker & Nicole Goux
Booth B44
Dave Holtz Illustration
Booth 1148
Dave's Comics
Booth 21
David Lozeau
Booth 1329
"Dawn McTeigue Rothic Eric eBas Basaldua"
Booth C42
DayMen (Joby and Lowepro)
Booth 834
Deen Ferrell
Booth B9
Delphinity Comics & Illustrration
Booth LL24
Denise Soden
Booth B53
Outdoor Festival
Dominic Draws
Booth 1049
Booth C11
Dr. Hogan-Berry's
Booth 226
Drag Strip Comics
Booth 120
Booth A29
Dragonsong Forge
Booth 223 & 1040
Dream Destinations
Booth B34
Dream Light Jewelry
Booth LL34
East Bay Underground Toys
Booth 1317
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Booth 39
Elisa Wikey
Booth EEH54
Ellis Kim
Booth LL13
Booth C36
Endless World
Booth 1425
Epic Loot
Booth LL11
Outdoor Festival
Estella Tse
Booth C2
Ethan Castillo
Booth A48
Everyday Love Art
Booth A28
Fairytale Fox Designs
Booth 1041
Booth 1439
Booth A34
Fanbase Press
Booth B40
Fancy Flavors
Booth EEH41
Fantoons LLC
Booth EEH59
Farm Fresh To You
Outdoor Festival
Featherweight Finery
Booth A27
Booth PS5
Fiendish Things
Booth PS1
Booth B31
FireChild Glass Studios
Booth A54
First Person Clothing
Booth 347
Fluffy Sugar
Outdoor Festival
Fourth Way Comics
Booth A11
Frank Cirocco / Lela Dowling
Booth 136
Fresco Press
Booth 532
Fugitive Toys
Booth 1301
Booth 1321
Fuzzy Joseph
Booth C9
FVF Comics
Booth EEH16
Booth B37
Gavin Gray Valentine
Booth 442
Geek Chic
Booth 930
Geek Fine Art
Booth B6
Booth 1443
Ghost Thunder Collective
Booth C15
Ghoulish Bunny Studios
Booth A42
Glen Canlas Art
Booth EEH50
Grace Li Art
Booth C28
Greg Luzniak Art
Booth A50
Greg Yantz (Disney Pins)
Booth 335
Gregory Juarez
Booth C14
Gtoys and Collectibles
Outdoor Festival
GUNNZO Corporation
Booth 1534
Booth C24
Hand Over The Hero
Booth LL30
Hanson Robotics
Booth 628
Harley Yee Rare Comic
Booth 117
Booth B32
Hawk Graphics
Booth A47
Head Press Publishing
Booth EEH29
Heritage Auctions
Booth 326
Heroes Comics
Booth 215
Holden Leung and Joanne Kwan
Booth A37
HoraTora Studios
Booth C39
House of Comics
Booth 124
Hyperboost Studios
Booth EEH56
Hypnoskull Comics
Booth A31
I Had Those Toys
Booth 533
Ian Yoshio Roberts
Booth EEH43
"Illusive Comics & Games LLC"
Booth 218
Booth 1141
Inhiatus Studios
Booth 1244
Inkchip Designs
Booth 843
Integrity Comics
Booth C10
Interstait Design
Booth 1404
J&R Fan Art
Booth 640
Jackie Huang
Booth B21
Jade Chocolates
Booth PS3
Jadine Otero
Booth C34
Jaime Tyndall
Booth 1149
Jaleh Afshar
Booth B20
Booth C22
Jasmine Ho Art
Booth A41
Jason Lee
Booth C4
Jenny Park
Booth B49
JesseJFR Oil Paintings & What Not
Booth 1524
Jim and Melody Rondeau
Booth 17
Joe Lai
Booth B30
John Roach / Nichole Brune
Booth 41
Jones Bones
Booth 447
Booth 1139
Jusscope Press
Booth EEH23
Just Toyz
Booth EEH19
KandK Geekstop
Booth PS9
Karen & Karen
Booth B42
Karl Altstaetter
Booth A24
Katie Shaw's Dragon Child
Booth A4
Booth A33
Kehlee Does Things
Booth A9
Kendall Harrison
Booth A25
Booth 630
"KikiDoodle LLC"
Booth 1142
Kimzar Killectables
Booth 438
King Adrien
Booth B25
Kip Rasmussen Illustration
Booth EEH36
Booth B19
KiwiHen Design
Booth 1242
Knitnut By JL
Booth LL28
Koala Express
Booth 743
Booth C25
Kritter Klips Inc
Booth EEH14
Kriyani Studio
Booth C16
Booth 1532
l3eezer & Yumedarling
Booth EEH35
Outdoor Festival
Le Petit Elefant
Booth 1433
Lee's Comics
Booth 114
Booth A36
Booth 727
Linai Reylance
Booth C12
Literary Alterations
Booth 839
Love Teacup Kisses
Booth C37
Mark Middleton
Booth A53
Martin Hsu
Booth C31
Matt Gaser
Booth B13
Matt Hebb
Booth B5
Matt Jacobus Art
Booth LL5
Maureen Shields
Booth B26
Maximum Sports
Booth 939
Megamoth Studio
Booth B28
Booth B10
Melissa Pagluica
Booth B56
Melvin The Sad(ish) Robot
Booth LL35
Michael Calero Art
Booth 1504
Michael Magtanong / Clifton Thammavongsa
Booth B43
Mike Hampton Art
Booth A1
Mis Nopales Art
Booth B15
Missy Pena
Booth EEH45
Booth 327
Booth 940
Booth LL16
Monster Powered Art
Booth 1143
Mpulse Studios/Tiger Bomb
Booth 1442
Musetap Studios
Booth 1526
My-D Pins and Collectables
Booth 218
MyQbz Fidget Toys
Outdoor Festival
Booth C6
Nanamation - Artwork By Nan Hockin
Booth 1522
Booth 431
Booth Kids STEAM Lab
NASA Ames Exchange
Booth 422
National Press Comics
Booth 343
Nerdy Cat Crafts
Booth B29
Never Static Pictures
Booth 1047
Booth 1412
Ningen Headwear
Booth B24
Booth 440
Booth 1247
Nubia OHare Illustration
Booth B7
Obscura Exports
Booth A26
Oculus / Facebook
Outdoor Festival
Oddball Books
Booth 547
Out Of The Dust Designs
Booth LL40
P.M.B.Q Studios
Booth 1243
Booth C7
Panda Hat
Outdoor Festival
"Pennavir Decals LLC"
Booth 437
Booth 1327
Plastic and Heroes
Booth EEH33
Pop Art Planet
Booth 1341
Pop Hero Coalition
Booth 1323
Pop Heroes
Booth 541
Booth LL38
Power Morphicon/Robo Toy Fest
Booth 216
Power Up Pups
Booth LL23
Prescott Elementary School
Booth A14
PulsArt Studio
Booth B18
Booth 432
Raging Rhino Comics
Booth 217
Booth C17
Randy Gallegos
Booth LL27
Booth 1313
Rational Past
Booth 1510
RAWR! Dinosaur Friends
Booth A13
Red Bandana pins
Booth LL22
Reo MC
Booth A39
Revolt Studios
Booth LL45
RickBas Art
Booth 1145
Riri Mon
Booth C27
Rizzo Michelle Art
Booth 1423
Booth A22
Robotics For Fun (The GridKit)
Outdoor Festival
Rollyhead Publishing/Lonnie Millsap
Booth C1
Booth C32
Booth 1046
Saber Forge
Booth 739
Booth 15
Sacred Laughter
Booth PS4
Sadie Luca
Booth LL10
SAE Institiute
Booth EEH3
Booth A38
Sam Coaass Comics
Booth 1045
Sam Snyder Comix
Booth A16
San Francisco Giants
Booth 741
San Jose Public Library
Booth Kids STEAM Lab
Sarah Steigers Art
Booth LL9
Save The Sperels
Booth B16
Scary Tales Publishing
Booth A19
Schulz Museum
Booth 37
Seus Corp Ltd.
Booth LL39
Booth EEH53
Sho Murase
Booth C38
Sick Soaps
Booth B1
Booth 433
Booth 1447
Silhouettes by Jordan
Booth A23
Silicon Valley Authors
Booth A56
Silver Cord
Booth C20
Silver Sprocket & Frankie Comics
Booth A18
Sinister Creature Con
Booth EEH32
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Booth 626
SlantyPear Creative
Booth A46
Snarkfish T-shirts
Booth 942
Soft comics
Booth LL26
Sony PlayStation
Outdoor Festival
Soren Kalla Art
Booth EEH58
Booth EEH18
Southbay Comickers
Booth EEH55
Star Trek Gene
Booth 45
Steampunk Wolf
Booth EEH34
Steel Wool Studios
Booth 629
Steph Dere Art
Booth B47
Steph Laberis
Booth EEH42
Steph Lew Art
Booth B17
Stitchmind Artworks
Booth C35
STL Ocarina
Booth 536
Studio 823
Booth LL21
Booth 1028
Sugar Clay Cafe
Booth B11
Superheores In Training
Booth 434
Supreme Collector
Booth 325
Booth B41
Swag Cabin
Booth 542
Swiss Creek Publications
Booth B33
T1mco Studios
Booth B54
Tall Tale Laser
Booth EEH57
Booth LL17
Booth 1403
Terry Huddleston Art
Booth EEH27
Terry's Comics
Booth 115
The Art of Crystal Dawn
Booth A51
The Art of Gard
Booth A12
The Art Of Jov
Booth C19
The Art Of Justin Prime
Booth LL33
The Art Of Ralph McQuarrie
Booth 321
The Celtic Dragon/Cdleather Designs
Booth 646
"The Henry Farm Inc."
Booth A32
The Little Red House
Booth 1440
The Peculiar Magpie
Booth 642
The Truffle Cottage
Booth PS10
Booth A49
Thomas Denmark Studio
Booth 1140
Thousand Skies
Booth 1346
Time Tunnel
Booth 222
Booth 1520
Booth B36
To The Sunnyside
Booth B22
Booth 1542
Tomes & Coffee Press
Booth EEH48
Toy Arena
Booth 1338
Booth EEH8
Booth 535
Booth 1347
Booth 19
Tracy Comic Show
Booth LL3
Treasure Island Comics
Booth 214
Booth B14
Twenty Pixels
Booth LL12
UCC Distributing
Booth 1339
Booth PS7
Ukiyo-e Heroes
Booth 1446
Unbreakabled Creations
Booth 1043
Unicorn Crafts
Booth C29
Booth 1146
Variant Comics
Booth 841
Booth 219
Booth C33
Wannabe Press
Booth A7
Warner Bros. / Allied Integrated Marketing
Booth 836
Watercolor Chaos
Booth A17
Weasel Inn Sassparilly
Outdoor Festival
Willow Glen Creamery
Outdoor Festival
Wood Expressions Games
Booth 935
WordPress.com / Automattic
Booth 928
Wrought Comics
Booth A52
Booth 937
Booth 1241
Yo Joe Depot
Booth 747
Booth EEH44
Yosiell Lorenzo / Felicia Ann
Booth B45
Yu Shih
Booth 1144
Booth EEH52
ZeeCee Art
Booth B50
Zombie Gnomes
Booth EEH51
Zombie Patrol
Booth 339
Booth 540

Downloadable and Printable Maps for SVCC 2017




General admission tickets are now on sale for Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC), Steve Wozniak’s pop culture and technology expo taking place April 21-23, 2017 in downtown San Jose. Pairing science with fiction, Silicon Valley Comic Con aims to inspire and entertain with celebrity appearances, science/tech discussions, film and TV screenings, panels with award-winning authors and artists, cosplay contests and more.

Three-day and single-day passes for SVCC 2017 can be purchased today at www.svcomiccon.com. Fans who purchase three-day passes before October 1 will be entered into a drawing to ride around SVCC 2017 with the Woz in his VIP golf cart.

To purchase tickets, visit www.svcomiccon.com/tickets.
Sponsorship opportunities are still available.
For more information, email marketing@svcomiccon.com or visit http://svcomiccon.com/sponsors/want-to-exhibit.

Be sure to stay with PopCultHQ as we bring you more pre-convention news as well as our live and on-the-scene coverage at Silicon Valley Comic Con this weekend!

<Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 (April 21-23): The Celebrities>

<Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017: The Special Events>

<Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017: The Schedule – Friday, April 21>





*** info courtesy of Silicon Valley Comic Con


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