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PopCultHQ’s First Look: June 2017 Solicitations from Aspen Comics

by Jason Bennett
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Popculthq looks at all of the comics releasing from Aspen Comics in June 2017…

June 2017 Solicitations


All New Fathom #5 – Cover A by Renna

All New Fathom #5 – Cover C by Renna

All New Fathom #5 – Cover B by Archer

ALL NEW FATHOM #5 (Vol. 6)

Blake Northcott

Marco Renna

John Starr

FC/32 pages/$3.99

Dive back into the world of MICHAEL TURNER’S FATHOM!

After exposing a traitor with designs on toppling the Elite Blue Council, Aspen and Tyler are taken hostage! Meanwhile, the deadly Typhos – once rudderless and erratic – are invigorated with new purpose: overthrow the Blue capitol city of Muria!

FATHOM #5 is in stores June 14th, 2017!

BubbleGun #2 – Cover A by Tovar

BubbleGun #2 – Cover C by Tovar

BubbleGun #2 – Cover B by Konat

BUBBLEGUN #2 (Vol. 2)

Mark Roslan

Angel Tover

Erick Arciniega

FC/32 pages/$3.99

The BubbleGun crew return for more high stakes jobs!

Treachery and deception are the order of the day, as the BubbleGun team learns the cold hard truth about the perils of working in the black market. Their “employer” Sir Penny has put his “Nectar” into production, and the market is booming. But, is the crew too far deep into Sir Penny’s tangled web of lies to survive?!

Creator and writer Mark Roslan (Broken Pieces) is joined by penciler Angel Tovar and colorist Erick Arciniega on what’s sure to become one of comics’ biggest sci-fi, action adventure series of the summer! Strap yourselves in because BUBBLEGUN is gonna take you on a wild ride!

BUBBLEGUN #2 (vol 2) is in stores June 21st, 2017!

All New Soulfire #4 – Cover A by Cafaro


Writer: JT Krul
Artist: Giuseppe Cafaro
Colorist: Wes Hartman

FC/32 pages/$3.99

Aspen’s premiere action-adventure fantasy epic continues!

With the help of Sonia, Grace is finally able to reach Maliki and expose Rainier for who he really is – yet what darker secret is lurking in the shadows, and what secret horror awaits?!

Nearly fifteen of the best-selling series created by superstar artist, the late Michael Turner, have culminated in this brand-new SOULFIRE adventure by Aspen’s talented creative team! Please join writer JT Krul, artist Giuseppe Cafaro, and colorist Wes Hartman as they bring readers back to the magic, myth, and everything you loved about SOULFIRE!


All New Soulfire #4 - Cover B by Lorenzana
All New Soulfire #4 - Cover C by Abel
All New Soulfire #4 - Cover D by Green
All New Soulfire #4 - Cover E by Cafaro

SOULFIRE #4 is in stores June 21st, 2017!

No World #3 – Cover A by Gunderson

No World #3 – Cover C by Bazaldua

No World #3 – Cover B by Renna


Scott Lobdell

Jordan Gunderson


FC/32 pages/$3.99

They exist in the all-new ASPEN UNIVERSE…yet belong to NO ONE!

The uneasy alliance learns that they must come to a sobering compromise in order to take on the greater threat—the manufacturing evil on a scale unlike anything seen before. However, even the collective actions of this super-powered group may be too late to stop the machinations of this malevolent conglomerate!

Written by legendary Uncanny X-Men scribe Scott Lobdell (Michael Turner’s Fathom) with art by Jordan Gunderson (Aspen Universe: Revelations), this is THE NEW Aspen title you won’t want to miss!

NO WORLD #3 is in stores June 28th, 2017!

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ABOUT ASPEN MLT – Aspen MLT, Inc. is an entertainment publishing company founded in January 2003 by superstar comic artist Michael Turner. Priding itself on producing entertainment properties of the highest quality visual and storytelling elements, Aspen MLT, Inc. quickly carved its mark on the comic book industry.

*** info courtesy of Aspen MLT


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