12 Handy Tips for C2E2

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C2E2 is this weekend and it takes place at the McCormick Place in Chicago.

If you are heading over there, don’t forget a few of these handy tips;

  1. Don’t forget your ticket
  2. Bring a few essentials such as your ID, phone charger, money, snacks, camera, camera batteries and an idea of what you want to see.
  3. When you arrive, collect two things…your lanyard to hang your pass from, and a program. You want the program for the map and the panel listings. It also makes a great cheap souvenir.
  4. If you want a picture ask, most cosplayers will be more than happy to take a photo with you
  5. Spend some time with the vendors, but remember to compare your prices…a vendor on the other side of the center could have the same item for a much lower price
  6. Hydrate, whether you are in costume or not, remember to drink lots of water.
  7. Don’t forget your ticket
  8. Check out Artists Alley, there is a HUGE selection of artists there. You may not know their names, but you might recognize their art. Find some pieces you like and bring them home.
  9. Have a conversation with an artist.
  10. If you want to see panels, check your schedule before you go and while you are there to ensure that you can find what you want to see…then show up early for your panel and be prepared to wait…but the good news is that con goers are a chatty bunch and you can make some great friends in line
  11. If you have your young ones with you, then check out the Family HQ, a great place to let the kids (and you) unwind. Its a great area full of activities, shows, lectures and crafts all aimed towards the younger crowd.
  12. And remember…have fun!