Review: Netflix’s ‘Santa Clarita Diet’

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Santa Clarita Diet seems like it was made for me. No, it’s not a diet, although I need one. It’s the perfect equation for the ideal tv show for myself. So if it’s good for me, then it’s good for you too. The equation breaks down like this. You take my favorite actor, Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood, Justified), then add one of my favorite actresses, Drew Barrymore. You then mix in the fact that she is dead and eats people, but not like the traditional zombie sense. Sprinkle in some comedy so the show doesn’t take itself too serious. Added throughout are some great guest stars. This equals television perfection.

I don’t usually binge-watch something new right away. I like to binge-watch something that is on season four and I will watch the first four seasons in a few weeks. However, I have a strange tendency with new stuff. After I binge-watch it, it’s over until a new season and I guess I hate to wait. Well, I tried to only watch a few episodes of this and I kept coming back for more. Within twenty four hours or so, I had it watched. Sad day for me.
Now the good news and we knew this would happen. Netflix has recently announced that Santa Clarita Diet will return in 2018 and they’re asking us if we are ready for seconds? I don’t want just seconds, I want an entire buffet of SCD. Stay tuned for an exact release date for season two of Santa Clarita Diet.

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