Loreweaver Creativeworks’ WAR OF VELANA – Fantasy Gamers Will Love This Retro 16-bit Tactical RPG Now on Kickstarter

War of Velana: a New Tactical RPG with an Old Soul

War of Velana is the retro style 16-bit tactical RPG fantasy gamers have been waiting for. With plans for initial release on Windows, Mac, & Linux War of Velana features intuitive system design and layers of in game secrets and deep world lore. This  launch of War of Velana will create community engagement campaign through Kickstarter where players can enter the world and see some of their own designs added to the game.

The campaign is live now!

​“War of Velana hearkens back to the fantasy rpgs of our youth and uses modern game design and layered storytelling to draw us in to a world threatened by war.”, says Loreweaver Creativeworks Director, Justin Mitchell, the game’s creator. The characters in your party stick to the classic class system, but some classes can be promoted and some are specialty classes, giving each character a unique set of abilities and growth regardless of character class. In your quest to prevent another war on Alta you’ll explore the world in 6 distinct chapters, each chapter will highlight a different region with a unique environment and design aesthetic that further pulls you into the lore of War of Velana.

This project has been self-funded for over 18 months and a successful crowdfunding campaign will allow for the addition of more art and sound design work so that the game can be released much sooner. Kickstarter stretch goals will allow for wider release on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and iOS.

 Learn more at: www.WarofVelana.com

About Loreweaver Creativeworks: We’re a small indie game studio in Richmond Virginia in the United States focused on building vast worlds with deep storytelling. Our small company consists of our Director Justin Mitchell, Lead Developer Justin Mollenauer, Composer Andrew Capone, Character Artist Stephanie Mayton, Writer Andrew Fields and Sound Designer/Animator Su Ajaj. More info can be found about Loreweaver Creativeworks on our website: http://loreweaver.io, on Facebook at FB.com/LoreweaverCW and on Twitter @LoreweaverCW

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