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‘Overwatch Insurrection’ Trailer Leak

by April Carvelli
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It looks like Overwatch Insurrection had a leak.

A new trailer, posted on YouTube by PlayStation France showed what appeared to be a new cooperative mode for the game played on, what is reported as, a daytime version of the King’s Row map. The trailer has since been pulled.

According to Polygon, the games seems to be  “Designed to let players ‘relive one of the key moments in the history of Overwatch,’ players will seemingly battle a massive onslaught of Omnic foes, including swarms of two-legged mechanical beasts and shield-bearing robots.”

Overwatch Insurrection should also include a fresh batch of skins and, according to Blizzard, there will be over 100 unlockable items, including skins, sprays, emotes, and poses.


According to BlackFlag 900 the following is the English translation, I owe him a world of thanks, because it would take me way too long to dig in this old brain to find the correct translations.

“76: Here’s Morrison, London was attacked”
“76: King’s Row has fallen”
“76: We’re almost in a state of civil war”
“Newsspeaker: hundreds are dead and thousands are injured”
“76: It’s your turn now Overwatch”
“Torb : Understood we’re going in”
“Mercy We are going to save as many lives as possible”
“McCree: BlackWatch confirms there is heavy fortifications, Sector Null Controls the whole region”
“Torb : Let the pro do it. I’ve got a little surprise for them”
“76: We’re counting on you and take care of the rookie” “Tracer : You can count on me sir!
The following lines are just Battle voicelines like “Let’s go” and “You’re going to die”
the text says “More then 100 new collectables”


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