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The Best of Comedian Bill Burr on CONAN – Part One

by Jason Bennett
Bill Burr
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Bill Burr has never been hotter than he is right now and if you’ve yet to experience the comedic wit of this talented comedian, be prepared for some great laughs ahead. Burr currently has four stand-up specials on Netflix: 2010’s “Let It Go,” 2012’s “You People Are All The Same,” 2014 ‘s “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way,” and 2017’s “Walk Your Way Out.” He also voices Frank Murphy in the Netflix animated series “F is for Family,” which has two seasons currently available. If you want to see him more frequently, you only need to look to late night television.

Bill been a regular guest on the Conan O’Brien show for years. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising to find that Burr is one of Conan’s favorite guests. Both hail from Boston, are redheads, and quite frankly, it seems that Bill is one of the few guys that can consistently make the talk show host laugh on a regular bass while appearing on his show. Like bust-out laughing. Every time.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to bring some humor into your weekend and who better to bring the laughs than Bill Burr. Here’s part one of The Best of Bill Burr on CONAN!

~ September 26, 2012 ~

Bill Burr Hates Boston Mascots & Campfire Songs

Beantown sports have gotten too touchy-feely, and Bill doesn’t approve.

 ~ February 12, 2013 ~

 Bill Burr Doesn’t Buy Oprah’s
Holier-Than-Thou Lance Armstrong Interview

 Bill on Oprah’s interview:
“Didn’t she used to interview midgets
who want to bang their mailman’s boyfriend?”

Bill Burr Thinks Most People Online Are Evil

Bill has come to the conclusion that 13% of people on the internet
are great and 87% are complete jerks.

~ June 27, 2013 ~

Bill Burr Is Ready To Move To Meth-Town, USA

Bill can get a house in the middle of nowhere for dirt cheap.
So long as he doesn’t mind the crankheads and virulent racists.

Bill Burr Teaches Elijah Wood How To Kill

Elijah is scared of home invasion, so Bill recommends a .22.
Enough to put down a killer – without all that unpleasant hearing loss.

 Bill Burr: “Paula Deen Is A $100 Million Whale”

Bill knows that Paula makes people too much money to just disappear,
so he suggests creating The Disgrace Channel.


~ September 05, 2013 ~

Starstruck: Bill Burr Bombed In Front Of Eddie Murphy

Comedian Bill Burr bombed onstage while Eddie Murphy,
his comedy hero, cooly watched wearing sunglasses.

~ January 30, 2014 ~

Bill Burr Is Annoyed By Journalists

Bill Burr wants reporters to just shut up
and leave football coaches alone at halftime.

Bill Burr Hates Super Bowl Parties

At Super Bowl parties, non-fans talk over the game
and watch the commercials, and that drives Bill insane.

Bill Burr Enjoys Getting Drunk

Bill is newly sober.
It’s been a tough four days, and we shouldn’t expect it to last.

 Bill Burr Is Rooting For Justin Bieber

Bill feels strongly that Justin’s behavior is perfectly normal
for any Lamborghini-driving 19 year-old.

~ February 27, 2014 ~

Weird Fears: Bill Burr Is Terrified By The Ocean

There are sharks, jellyfish, riptides – Bill is convinced
that the sea is giving us a whole list of reasons not to set foot in it.

Weird Fears: Bill Burr Refuses To Use Ramps

According to Bill Burr, using handicapped ramps instead of stairs
is just tempting fate to exact karmic payback for your laziness.


Scraps – Bill Burr Learns What “Crashing Out” Means

 Want to see how a late night show gets made?
WARNING: it involves a lot of confusion and pink paper being shuffled.

 ~ October 01, 2014 ~

Bill Burr Won’t Give Foul Balls To Kids

Bill thinks today’s fat, mushy kids have it too easy.
If that sounds like fat-shaming, that’s fine by Bill.

Bill Burr On Roger Goodell’s “Gotta Get It Right” Speech

It would take a LOT for the NFL to finally lose a loyal viewer like Bill.

Bill Burr: Women Want To Ruin The NFL!

Bill explains that ladies are so jealous of mens’ simplistic, football-loving
brains, they’ll never be happy until the NFL is destroyed.

 Be sure to check out part two of our Bill Burr on Conan compilation!

 And be sure to follow Bill online,
including his website where you can see his
upcoming shows as well as his regular podcast.


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