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PopCultHQ’s Kickstarter Spotlight: GOLGOTHA by Matt Hawkins, Bryan Edward Hill, and Top Cow Productions

by Jason Bennett
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Welcome to another edition of PopCultHQ’s Kickstarter Spotlight!

Our intent is to help raise awareness of Kickstarter campaigns by indie creators of ones we feel you should be aware, hot titles or issues to watch, or ones WE support and think YOU should too! From unknown publishers to creators with tenure…doesn’t matter! This is about helping promote the creators involved and their vision.

Today, PopCultHQ has the privilege in sharing with you a recently-launched Kickstarter campaign from Matt Hawkins, Bryan Edward Hill and Top Cow Productions that after its first day is already 25% funded! 

<UPDATE: As of the republishing of this article on 5/5/17,
GOLGOTHA is over 100% funded!

Get ready for…


Matt Hawkins and Bryan Edward Hill have launched a Kickstarter
to bring their latest sci-fi graphic novel GOLGOTHA to life.

They have recruited Yuki Saeki and colorist Bryan Valenza on their latest project!


This was not their future.

The GOLGOTHA mission planned to mark
mankind’s first colonization of another world.

They expected to wake up from cryosleep
to find a place untouched by civilization.

A crash-landing revealed the truth:
While they slept, mankind advanced, and the second colonial mission arrived before they did.

The surviving crew of the Golgotha, and its single military member, Cpt. Michael Lawton, were now relics of the past…in a future that had no need for them.

The colony has secrets and sins, and both a group of the past and the citizens of the future will atone for the flaws of humanity as the truth of what lies on this world promises to change mankind forever.





Top Cow Productions, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based entertainment company founded in December 1992 by Marc Silvestri. Top Cow currently publishes its line of comic books in 21 languages in over 55 different countries.





GOLGOTHA Kickstarter Exclusive Rewards!

Here are some of the rewards supporters will get exclusively through this campaign:

  • Signed trade paperback and digital copies of GOLGOTHA
  • Thank you credits
  • Stickers featuring Witchblade, The Darkness, Magdalena, and Aphrodite IX
  • Eight-piece button set featuring Ballistic, Ripclaw, Angelus, Velocity, Darkness, Witchblade, and Magdalena
  • Artist & Writers’ tier includes scripts, concept art, outlines, and much more
GOLGOTHA Trade Paperback
Kickstarter Exclusive: Top Cow 25th Anniversary Sticker & Button Pack
Top Cow 25th Anniversary Mini-Print

Be sure to check out GOLGOTHA on Kickstarter NOW
and get in on this soon-to-be funded campaign!


New to Kickstarter? Signing up is a breeze!
Click HERE to enroll and be able to back any Kickstarter campaign,
most importantly GOLGOTHA!

Campaigns last 30 days and are an “All or Nothing” campaign. If a campaign does not meet its goal by completion, the campaign is not funded and backers are not charged. Upon a successful campaign’s completion, you will be charged the amount you backed. What’s even better, once you’ve backed a successfully funded campaign, the creator will send you periodic updates as to its progress and stays connected with you until your comic(s) arrive!

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