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PopCultHQ’s First Look: June 2017 Solicitations from Action Lab Entertainment

by Jason Bennett
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Popculthq looks at all of the comics and trade paperbacks
releasing from Action Lab Entertainment in June 2017…

 Solicitations: Action Lab Entertainment for June 2017
The following titles will be available for purchase in comic shops everywhere!

E: Appropriate for everyone
A: Appropriate for ages 9 and up
T: For readers ages 12 and up
T+: For older teen readers and adults
M: Mature readers 18+

Adventures in Crime #1 – Cover A by Hoyt Silva

Adventures in Crime #1 – Cover B by Hoyt Silva


Writing: Shane Berryhill
Art: Hoyt Silva
Cover Art: Hoyt Silva

Item Codes:
APR171191 (Cover A)
APR171192 (Cover B)

In Shops: Jun 07, 2017
SRP: $3.99

Golden Age Comics creator Jack Levi places his life in jeopardy when he begins a secret affair with the femme fatale mistress of his mob boss publisher. Adventures in Crime places a noir-action spin on the classic love triangle tale, and serves as “comics-on-comics” the way films like Argo and Hail, Caesar! served as Hollywood-on-Hollywood.

Amerikarate #4 – Cover A by Devin Roth


Writing:  Brockton McKinney, Corey Kalman
Art: Devin Roth
Cover Art:
Devin Roth (Cover A)
Daniel Arruda Massa (Cover B)
Dave Perillo (Cover C)
Item Codes:
APR171198 (Cover A)
APR171199 (Cover B)
APR171200 (Cover C)
APR171201 (Photo Cover)

In Shops: Jun 14, 2017
SRP: $3.99

Sam Kickwell and his partner in karate and love, Agent Cynthia Weaver, jump-kick their way into the belly of the beast – a karate-gang-filled mansion! They will have to punch, kick, stab, shoot and even sex their way through one of the most vengeful, weapons-heavy, black-belted gang after another just to get near America’s greatest enemy… evil dictator, Neon!


Amerikarate #4 - Cover B by Daniel Arruda Massa
Amerikarate #4 - Cover C by Dave Perillo
Amerikarate #4 - Photo Cover ft. April O'Neil

Dollface #6 – Cover A by Dan Mendoza


Writing: Dan Mendoza, Bryan Seaton
Art: Dan Mendoza
Cover Art:
Dan Mendoza (Covers A, B)
Marco Maccagni (Covers C, D)
Marcelo Trom (Covers E, F)

Item Codes:
APR171202 (Cover A)
APR171203 (Cover B)
APR171204 (Cover C)
APR171205 (Cover D)
APR171206 (Cover E)
APR171207 (Cover F)

In Shops: Jun 14, 2017
SRP: $3.99

Still in SoCal, Lila and the gang have decide to do a little sun bathing at the local beach. But things take a turn for the worst when witches, Orla’s cronies, come after them.


Dollface #6 - Cover B - Tattered and Torn Variant by Dan Mendoza
Dollface #6 - Cover C by Marco Maccagni
Dollface #6 - Cover D - Tattered and Torn Variant by Marco Maccagni
Dollface #6 - Cover E by Marcelo Trom
Dollface #6 - Cover F - Tattered and Torn Variant by Marcelo Trom


Writing: Kyle Puttkammer
Art: Omaka Schultz
Cover Art: Omaka Schultz

Item Code: APR171183
In Shops: Jun 07, 2017
SRP: $3.99

Locked away with a Brain, an Athlete, a Basket Case, and a Princess. It’s detention time for Bandit. The Hero Cats of Skyworld meet for the first time!

Kid Sherlock #1 – Cover A by Sean Miller

Kid Sherlock #1 – Cover B by Dennis Culver


Writing: Justin Phillips
Art: Sean Miller

Cover Art:
Sean Miller (Cover A)
Dennis Culver (Cover B)

Item Codes:
APR171184 (Cover A)
APR171185 (Cover B)

In Shops: Jun 15, 2017
SRP: $3.99

John Watson doesn’t feel like he really fits in as the new student at Baker Elementary. If if wasn’t bad enough being the only dog, it seems he has already gained the attention of the class bully, Kyle. Out in the play yard, Watson feels even more alone until he meets a young boy named Sherlock Holmes. While quite clever, Sherlock is often so lost in his own thoughts that he is oblivious to the people around him. However, when Watson shows an interest in Sherlock’s work it sparks the beginning of an adventure Sherlock never expected, friendship. Their first mission, identify the bad smell that has been afflicting their classroom.

Medisin #2 – Cover A by David Brame

Medisin #2 – Cover B by David Brame


Writing: Jeff Dyer, Mark McKeon
Art: David Brame
Cover Art: David Brame

Item Codes:
APR171196 (Cover A)
APR1197 (Cover B)

In Shops: Jun 28, 2017
SRP: $3.99

“First Do No Harm” Chapter 2
Ethan Sharp and his team of doctors provide health care for super villains. They continue to struggle with ethics both on and off the battlefield as villainous Malady manipulates them. But when Dr. Olivia Stribling befriends abused sidekick Crimson Crow, her troubles are only beginning.

MIRACULOUS #14 – Darkblade

Writing: Zag Entertainment
Art: Zag Entertainment
Cover Art: Zag Entertainment
Item Code: APR171186
In Shops: Jun 07, 2017
SRP: $4.99

After losing municipal elections against Mr. Bourgeois, D’Argencourt gets akumatized. He turns into Darkblade and, with the blade of his sword, he transforms people into knights. With his army, he storms city hall to turn Mr. Bourgeois out. Yet Marinette’s classmates are all inside city hall, gathered there by Chloe- Mr. Bourgeois’ daughter- running for class rep elections against Marinette. Ladybug and Cat Noir will have to protect the city hall as well as the students!

*** Please Note: Image is NOT actual cover of MIRACULOUS #14.
It was not available at time of publishing

Spencer and Locke #2 – Cover A by Jorge Santiago, Jr.

Spencer and Locke #2 – Cover B by Maan HouseSpencer and Locke #2 – Cover B by Maan House

SPENCER & LOCKE #3 (of 4)

Writing: David Pepose
Art: Jorge Santiago, Jr.Cover Art:
Jorge Santiago, Jr. (Cover A)
Maan House (Cover B)

Item Codes:
APR171194 (Cover A)
APR1195 (Cover B)

In Shops: Jun 21, 2017
SRP: $3.99

S.O.S.! S.O.S.! Beaten, drugged, and left for dead, things are looking bad for Locke – but unfortunately for his captors, Locke isn’t here anymore. Get ready for a night of psychedelic terror and homicidal violence, as Rocketman Reynolds makes his daring escape from Planet X!

Vampblade Season Two #4 – Cover A by Winston Young

VAMPBLADE – Season Two #4

Writing: Jason Martin
Art: Winston Young
Cover Art:
Winston Young (Covers A, B)
Bill McKay (Covers C, D)
Renzo Rodriguez (Covers E, F)
Item Codes:
APR171208 (Cover A)
APR171209 (Cover B)
APR171210 (Cover C)
APR171211 (Cover D)
APR171212 (Cover E)
APR171213 (Cover F)
In Shops: Jun 21, 2017
SRP: $3.99

Vampblade and friends must gear up just to survive now that SoCal Comic Con has turned into a real… Con of the Dead! It’s two comic geeks and one silver-shiny warrior-woman versus 125,000 vamped-out fanboys (and fangirls)! Features 3 covers (regular, artist, and 90s style), each with a risqué variant as well!


Vampblade Season Two #4 - Cover B Risque Variant by Winston Young
Vampblade Season Two #4 - Cover C by Bill McKay
Vampblade Season Two #4 - Cover D Risque Variant by Bill McKay
Vampblade Season Two #4 - Cover E by Renzo Rodriguez
Vampblade Season Two #4 - Cover F Risque Variant by Renzo Rodriguez

Zombie Tramp #36 – Cover A by Celor


Writing: Dan Mendoza
Art: Marcelo Trom
Cover Artists:
Celor (Covers A, B)
Dan Mendoza (Covers C, D)
Andrew Herman (Covers E, F)
Item Codes:
APR171214 (Cover A)
APR171215 (Cover B)
APR171216 (Cover C)
APR171217 (Cover D)
APR171218 (Cover E)
APR171219 (Cover F)
In Shops: Jun 28, 2017
SRP: $3.99

Thoughts and memories are shared about the mysterious and powerful Kaiju Queen. Where did she come from from? What’s her plan? Morning and Xula remember the past as they await Janey’s awakening. Features 3 regular and risqué variants, including two covers from series creator Dan Mendoza (DollFace)!!


Zombie Tramp #36 - Cover B Risque Variant by Celor
Zombie Tramp #36 - Cover C by Dan Mendoza
Zombie Tramp #36 - Cover D Risque Variant by Dan Mendoza
Zombie Tramp #36 - Cover E by Andrew Herman
Zombie Tramp #36 - Cover F Risque Variant by Andrew Herman

Collected Volumes – TPBs


Writing: Dave Dwonch

Art: Arturo Mesa
Cover Art: Arturo Mesa

Item Code: APR171193
In Shops: Jun 07, 2017
SRP: $14.99

For centuries, a secret world government has employed the INFINITE SEVEN, the world’s greatest assassins to do their dirty work. The only way to become one of their members is to prove your worth by killing one of their members. But what happens when Anthony Zane, a teenage boy from the suburbs does just that? Action hero archetypes are reimagined in what is sure to be the blockbuster series of the year! Collecting issues 1-4 of the ongoing monthly series. NOTE: Fans of the James Bond, G.I. Joe and ’80s action films will LOVE Infinite Seven!

Peter David’s ARTFUL – Vol. 1 TPB

Writing: Peter David, Nicole D’Andria
Art: Laura Neubert
Cover Art: Laura Neubert

Item Code: APR171190
In Shops: Jun 28, 2017
SRP: $14.99

An adaptations of the Artful novel by award winning writer and comic book legend Peter David, this Oliver Twist spin-off story stars the Artful Dodger as our reluctant hero. Alongside Van Helsing’s son Bram, Dodger must take on hordes of vampires to save a princess from a nefarious plot. Collects ARTFUL #1-6.

ABOUT ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT– Formed in 2010 with the purpose of pooling their collective talents into a single, powerful entity, the members of Action Lab Entertainment have countless years in multimedia publishing, design, and business.  Their first release, Fracture, was successfully funded through Kickstarter and since then they have continued their mission to produce high quality, genre-spanning entertainment.  Since its formation, the accolades for A.L.E continue to build on a daily basis.  Among its more popular titles are all ages material like the Eisner, Glyph, Shel Dorf Award nominated series PRINCELESS, MIRACULOUS (based on the Nickelodeon Television series), Jamal Igle’s MOLLY DANGER, Artist/ Writer Katie Cook’s GRONK and Gayle Middleton’s (My Little Pony, The Littlest Pet Shop) monstrously adorable VAMPLETS. Action Lab’s Mature Readers imprint ACTION LAB DANGER ZONE continues to push the envelope of comics entertainment with titles as varied as Charles Band’s PUPPET MASTER and Dan Mendoza’s over the top horror-comedy ZOMBIE TRAMP, VAMPBLADE and ITTY BITTY BUNNIES IN RAINBOW PIXIE CANDY LAND, and socially relevant titles including SOUTHERN DOG, KINGDOM BUM and M Goodwin’s TOMBOY.

*** info courtesy of Action Lab Entertainment

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