Last Night on CONAN (3/30): Wanda Sykes | Mr. T | Dead Man Winter

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PopCultHQ brings you all the best from last night on CONAN!

On Thursday, March 30th, Conan welcomed
Wanda Sykes (Tru TV’s Talk Show: The Game Show),
Mr. T (Dancing with the Stars),
and musical guest Dead Man Winter.

CONAN Monologue 03/30/17:

Conan jokes about Ivanka Trump in the White House,
fresh beef in Quarter Pounders, and french fries on Mars.

 Is Hillary Clinton’s New Look Being Overhyped?:

In her first post-election speech,
Hillary left her trademark pantsuit at home and debuted a whole new aesthetic.

 Conan Calls Out Disney’s “Coco”:

“Coco” has been Conan’s thing for eight years,
so he’s pretty peeved that Disney is usurping his nickname for their latest animated feature.

 Conan Investigates The Mysterious Deaths Of Russian Diplomats:

It’s been suggested that Vladimir Putin is assassinating Russians who run their mouths.
Hopefully Putin doesn’t find out Sergei Stanislav is talking to Conan…

 Wanda Sykes Is Not A Trump Fan:

Forget being presidential,
Wanda thinks it’s too late for Trump to transform into a decent human being.

Wanda Sykes On Richard Simmons’ Risqué Flight Wardrobe:

Wanda calls bullshit on United Airlines’ leggings policy,
because she once shared a plane with a short-shorts clad Richard Simmons.

 Wanda Sykes Doesn’t Want Her Kids To See “Pootie Tang”:

Wanda is pretty sure that if her kids ever see her as Biggie Shorty, they’ll never listen to her again.

 Wanda Sykes Rode A Tandem Bicycle Ride With Shaq:

Wanda shared a tandem bicycle with a man with dinosaur-sized bones.

 Mr. T’s Legal Name Is Mr. T:

Mr. T’s driver license, bank account, and supposedly birth certificate all read “Mr. T.”

 Mr. T On The Biblical Origins Of “I Pity The Fool”:

We pity the fool who didn’t know that
Mr. T’s signature catchphrase was inspired by stories in the Bible.

 Mr. T Will Shave His Mohawk If He Wins “Dancing With The Stars”:

Mr. T admittedly isn’t a very good dancer,
but he’s pledged to shave off his signature ‘do to stand in solidarity with cancer patients.

 Dead Man Winter “Destroyer” 03/30/17:

Dead Man Winter performs a single off his album Furnace.


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