Last Night on CONAN (3/29): Terry Crews | Andy Daly | Strand of Oaks

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On Wednesday, March 29th, Conan welcomed
actor Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine),
Andy Daly (Comedy Central’s Review),
and musical guest Strand of Oaks.

CONAN Monologue 03/29/17:

Conan jokes about MLB opening day, Donald Trump’s childhood home, and binge drinking.


Audiences are going to go mad for the nonstop drama and cliffhangers in “ElevatoRevelations.”

 Kitchen Krashers:

TBS’s next smash hit reality show features host Kelly Mandrews
putting the pedal to the metal in the kitchen.

 Meet The NBA Players On Tinder:

A CONAN employee recently matched with two Washington Wizards on the popular dating app. Apparently there’s no shortage of NBA players on Tinder.

 Terry Crews Just Wants To Cuddle:

Terry knows he’s aging because he’s starting dreaming about naps and choosing naps over sex.

Terry Crews: Real Fashion Is Being Shirtless:

His wife is tired of it and his kids are embarrassed, but Terry isn’t going to stop taking off his shirt.

 Terry Crews On Alternate Reality “Fat Terry”:

If Terry wasn’t in showbiz, he could see himself living in Michigan with 100 extra pounds.

 Terry Crews Loves His Waxed Legs:

Terry’s cosmetologist wife got him hooked on leg waxing
and now he can’t stop rubbing his legs together.

 Terry Crews Could Have Been A Professional Wrestler:

Terry got his start on the athletic competition show “Battle Dome,”
which could have easily led to a career in wrestling.

 Andy Daly’s Least Favorite “Late Night” Sketch:

Conan and his “Late Night” staff didn’t bother finding a prop toilet for a sketch featuring Andy Daly, they let Rob Riggle give him a swirly in a real toilet.

 Andy Daly On The Things Forrest Will Never Get To “Review”:

Andy’s “Review” character Forrest MacNeil has tried murder, divorce, and drug addiction,
but will never get a chance to kick Steely Dan’s ass or fart in a baby’s face.

 Dalton Wilcox Is The Poet Laureate Of The West:

Dalton Wilcox reads a romantic poem from his new book
“You Must Buy Your Wife At Least As Much Jewelry As You Buy Your Horse And Other Poems And Observations Humorous And Otherwise From A Life On The Range.”

 Strand Of Oaks “Rest Of It” 03/29/17:

Strand of Oaks performs a track off his album Hard Love.

Strand Of Oaks “Radio Kids” 03/29/17:

Strand of Oaks performs a track off his album Hard Love.


On Thursday, March 30th, Conan welcomes
Wanda Sykes (Tru TV’s Talk Show: The Game Show),
Mr. T (Dancing with the Stars),
and musical guest Dead Man Winter.

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