Cosplay Photos: CosAwesome – Part 2a

In the second part of my CosAwesome coverage, I cover the other part of the convention. Yesterday’s topic was photographers and the wonderful job they did. Today’s topic is the cosplayers, without them the photographers would be taking pictures of each other or maybe some of the hotel scenery (which was great).

The cosplayers at this event were a fantastic group of people that worked and played wonderfully together. They exchanged ideas and sometimes even materials or costumes as they ran between photo shoots, gatherings or seminars.

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This was only a three-day event, yet I lost track of how many costume changes some people did. It seemed that some were changing hourly, each costume more awesome than the next. The level of skill, craftsmanship, ingenuity and talent in many of the cosplays was astounding, and this was only a fraction of the cosplays that were there.

Here is the first of three groups of cosplayer photos:



Part 1 – The photographers