Two Years Ago Today – March 26

On March 26th, 2015 we were introduced to Evian’s Baby Spidey in their Spider-Man 3 trailer.

We found out that Sony had snagged the rights to a Robotech movie, but there hasn’t a lot going on regarding it since then. On Feb. 28th of this year, Den of Geek managed to scrape up some information, but what basically boils down to is that Robotech is still a work in progress.

The Brothers Grimm might not have been a smash hit, but it was still a decent movie and it was supposed to be coming to TV as a series. The TV series was supposed to focus on the Grimm brothers on their adventures across 19th century Europe. According to IMDB, it was slated to premiere this year, but it doesn’t look like it got much further than the drawing board.

The standout thing about March 26th, 2015 is the outstanding cosplay by Tux Team, where they recreate scenes from the Big Hero 6 movie.

Also on March 26th, an Indiegogo campaign was started to fund Super Troopers 2 and in just over 24 hours, they reached their goal of $2 Million. It grew so fast that we barely had time to cover it the next day. It continued to grow from there. It looks like filming has been finished, and the initial cut was done and viewed. It looks like they are just waiting for Fox to give them a release date.