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Two Years Ago Today – March 23

by Reptile
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On March 23, 2015, we were gifted with the final piece of Manny’s theory regarding Marvel’s Secret Wars and Marvel’s announcement that they are canceling 33 books tied in to his theory….After reading all three parts and knowing how things came about over the last two years, what do you think?


Pee Wee’s Big Holiday started filming and the secrecy behind it left many of us wanting more. For many of us, the film was merely a retread of his old films, without quite as much humor, but for others who were discovering Pee Wee Herman for the first time, hilarity ensued.

Apple streaming was finally coming to Apple TV fans in June of 2015, which meant their wait was finally over.

Manny introduced us to the first Television Thor that teamed up with The HulkEric Allan Kramer, and blew us away with the trivia.

Return of the Incredible Hulk

Jim Parson from The Big Bang Theory confessed to the world that he would love to play Batman villain The Riddler.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you might want to watch this video, because you might find yourself changing sides as The Dark Lord, Voldemort, Gets Down To ‘Uptown Funk’

Kevin Smith revisited the Mall to give us Mallrats 2


Man at Arms Reforged gave us Link’s Hylian Shield From Zelda


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