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Last Night on CONAN (3/22): Erin Andrews | Big Show

by Jason Bennett
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PopCultHQ brings you all the best from last night on CONAN!

On Wednesday, March 22nd, Conan welcomed
Erin Andrews (Dancing with the Stars) and WWE’s Big Show.

 CONAN Monologue 03/22/17:

Conan jokes about the GOP’s healthcare plan, Trump’s commencement speech, and penis rings.

 Trump Calls Obama To Talk About Chancellor Merkel:

President Trump fills Obama in on his latest meetings
and Obama tells him that every day he’s in power is a global nightmare.

NCAA Mascots That Shouldn’t Dunk: Crying Michael Jordan Meme Edition:

Michael Jordan would cry IRL if he saw these mascots in action.

Erin Andrews Doesn’t Understand How Tom Brady’s Jersey Was Stolen:

With so many people around, Erin isn’t entirely sure how
the locker room thief managed to walk out with the GOAT’s jersey.

 Erin Andrews’ Crazy Richard Sherman Interview:

Erin thinks she handled the interview awkwardly,
but it’s still one of the coolest moments of her entire career.

 Erin Andrews On Her “Dancing With The Stars” Proposal Eye-Roll:

Noah Galloway proposed to his girlfriend on “Dancing with the Stars”
at the exact same moment Erin accidentally rolled her eyes.

 Erin Andrews’ “Dancing With The Stars” Prediction:

Erin thinks Simone Biles and Rashad Jennings have a shot at making it to the final.
And thinks Conan would make a good contestant.

 How The Big Show Got His Six-Pack:

The secret to looking as ripped as The Big Show? Exercise, but also good lighting.

 Hulk Hogan Told The Big Show To Wear His Championship Belt Everywhere:

The Big Show took Hulk Hogan’s advice seriously and ended up looking a total rookie.

 The Big Show: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Loves Karaoke :

Plus, The Big Show talks about how The Rock and Dave Bautista
opened the door for wrestlers in Hollywood.

On Thursday, March 23rd, Conan welcomes
actor Matt LeBlanc, chef Anthony Bourdain, and comedian Dana Gould
in a repeat episode from 11/15/16.
<View tonight’s episode highlights now!

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