Two Years Ago Today – March 21

On March 21, 2015 Manny gave us Part 2 of his 3-part series on Marvel’s Secret Wars and told us all how he thought it was a plot to reboot the universe.

Ultimate Universe Ends

We then found out about a replica Tron cycle that was up for auction. It sold for $77,000 at Sothebys.

Jeremy Clarkson was fired from Top Gear UK for an altercation with the shows producer, but things were apparently a little more complex than that as the co-hosts refused to film any shows without him. Then political blogger Guido Fawkes started an online petition to reinstate him which received over one million signatures. The petition was delivered to the BBC on a tank.

The Stig tried his best

Today we published one of our favorite articles...Internet Tries To Kill A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! Donatello Is NOT Dead! For some reason the Internet hit a panic and rumors of the death of a favorite Turtle took off like a tsunami. Two years later and this continues to get hits and frequently fall into our top articles.

TMNT Issue #44

Thanks to Den of Geek, we learned that there were plans for a Flash Gordon 2 and the good news was that it wasn’t going to be a reboot but a sequel. Unfortunately, two years later and we haven’t heard much more on it.


Along with the good, there is always bad. 35-year-old Perro Aguayo Jr., a well-known Mexican wrestler with Lucha Libre and promoter,  passed away as a result of injuries suffered during a match in Tijuana, Mexico.