Two Years Ago Today – March 18

March 18th, 2015, was the day that we announced Planet Replica had released 3D drawings of a Dredd movie replica Lawgiver. If you head over to Planet Replica’s, you can still get the drawings, they might even have some new 3D prints available.

Manny told us about the new Con TV. He had an interview with Jason David Frank who was excited about the role he was going to have in the online digital network service created for the devoted fans of comic books, pop culture and the entertainment world, which has turned out JDF will portray the character Bloodshot for Valiant Entertainment for their upcoming digital series NINJAK vs. THE VALIANT UNIVERSE. ConTV started out with programming such as My Morphing Life with Jason David Frank, Last Fan Standing with Bruce Campbell, exclusive Wizard World Con videos, celebrity interviews, cult movies, cult TV shows, and Anime. Now it is so much more, it is a geek’s paradise….if you get a chance, go take a look.

On the less interesting side of things, we learned about a fish that was named after Greedo from Star Wars and that Windows 10 was coming out…I think the fish was more interesting.