A Classic Doctor Who Villain Returns For Season 10 Finale

It looks like classic Doctor Who fans are in for a treat with the season 10 finale. We will get to see an enemy that hasn’t been seen for close to 50 years…Cybermen. These aren’t the Cybermen you know from today, these are the original Mondasian Cybermen that were seen in 1966 with the first Doctor, William Hartnell.

During their initial appearance of the Mondasian Cybermen, the Doctor had traveled to Antarctica in 1986. It will be interesting to see if these were a trapped group of Cybermen, time travelers, or if the Doctor went back to 1986. If the current Doctor goes back in time, then would we see both the original and current Doctors in the same episode? ….. Oh the possibilities…..

Evolution of the Daleks

We also know that Missy, aka the Master, will be returning to this episode. She had controlled the Cybermen on their last Earth attack, so is she in control this time as well? Or will these throwback Cybermen be beyond her abilities as they are only modified humans at this point?