TWIN PEAKS Marketing Promises Us A New Series That Lives Up To The First

Twin Peaks will premiere on May 2 on Showtime and will consist of 18 episodes. Unlike most TV series, this was filmed with one long continuous script, much as a movie, and then is cut down into the individual episodes.

The show is set 25 years after the original series, and apparently that time period is quite relevant to the plot.

In true David Lynch/Twin Peaks style, the ad campaign has been subtle and something the Twin Peaks fans can appreciate.

Teaser posters of a missing Laura Palmer have been popping up in Australia with a phone number on them and when someone calls the number you get a recording that you can listen to below;

You hear some strange music, what sounds like backwards talking on the last portion of the recording above. “void as” has kindly reversed it for us to reveal “It’s happening again.”

We have also gotten this interesting tweet from Echo Park Records – “Chromatics and Johnny Jewel are involved with the new season of Twin Peaks”

This is gearing up to be a true sequel for Twin Peaks fans everywhere.