Check out the Hall of Heroes Comic Con in Elkhart, IN

This weekend March 11-12 in Elkhart, IN is the Hall of Heroes Comic Con…it’s in the building that looks like the Hall of Justice.

This is your chance to rub shoulders with Superman himself, Dean Cain, and hang out with the Mads from Mystery Science Theater 3000. You will also get a chance to meet Reb Brown (1979 Captain America, Uncommon Valor and Yor, The Hunter from the Future.)

They also have well known artists such as Phil Ortiz, Allen Bellman and Mike Toth. Bring your stuff down for an autograph, and see what new art you can pick up.

This convention is promising to be jam packed with things to do.

While at the convention you can also tour the Superhero museum where they display thousands of rare toys and comics, including an original Captain America #1. You can even visit a recreation of the 1960’s Bat Cave