Last Night on CONAN (2/28): Martin Short | Natalie Zea | The Pretty Reckless | #ConanMexico Preview

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan!

On Tuesday, February 28th, Conan welcomed Martin Short,
Natalie Zea, and musical guest The Pretty Reckless.

#ConanMexico Preview: Cold Open

CONAN Monologue 02/28/17:
Conan jokes about Amazon’s first Oscar win, Trump’s speech to Congress, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s workout routine.

#ConanMexico Preview: Conan Interviews Vicente Fox:
Watch Conan’s full discussion with Vicente Fox and more from Conan’s trip to Mexico on Wednesday, March 1st at 10/9c on TBS.

Trump Calls Obama To Discuss The Oscars & More:
President Trump asks President Obama what “Moonlight” is about and why Steve Bannon made him sign a bill about transformers.

Martin Short Compares Conan To A Hip Traffic Cone:
Martin also thinks Conan looks a little like Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer’s love child.

Martin Short Oscar Movie Reviews:
Martin hasn’t seen it yet, but he can’t wait to see the dramatic tale of Donald Trump’s tax returns, “Hidden Figures.”

Martin Short Received The Oscar Wilde Award:
The prestigious honor recognizes the contributions of the Irish in film and television. Don’t worry, Conan already has one.

Martin Short On His Very Irish Father:
Martin’s father had a thick Irish brogue and a way with words.

Martin Short Dissected A Cat At Home:
Martin stole a frozen cat from his university’s biology department and cracked open a cat at home.

Martin Short On His Stage Show With Steve Martin:
Martin compares working with Steve to the film “Deliverance”: it’s all fun and games until the banjos come out.

Natalie Zea Teaches Conan & Martin Short About “Flashback Face”:
Natalie got her start in soaps, so she knows a thing or two about looking wistfully into the distance.

Natalie Zea On Being Pregnant On Set:
Natalie had to carry a lot of big purses and endure a lot of tuba noises from her “Detour” co-star Jason Jones.

One Of Natalie Zea’s Daughter’s First Words Was “White Wine”:
Natalie is both embarrassed and proud that her daughter’s first word is a complex compound word.

The Pretty Reckless “Take Me Down” 02/28/17:
The Pretty Reckless perform the lead single off their album Who You Selling For.


On Wednesday, March 1st, Conan welcomes Mandy Moore, Jimmy Pardo, and Chris Lane.

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