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Cosplay Spotlight: Lee Tapscott

by April Carvelli
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Lee Tapscott is an Indianapolis-based cosplayer. He started serious cosplaying in 2013 after attending the Chicago Wizard World.

His creativity and enthusiasm translates through all his costuming. My personal favorite is “The Darkness” from Legend. The costume is outstanding and the work that went into it definitely shows.

According to Lee, it took more than a few trials to make the stilts and it is still hard to walk in. As awesome as it is, he can only wear it a few hours at the most, as it gets too warm after that.

Lee Tapscott as The Darkness
Lee Tapscott as The Darkness

His favorite costume is a Tusken Raider from Star Wars, but he has the most fun playing Gru from Despicable Me because he gets to interact and play with the fans and fellow cosplayers.

A few of his other, lesser seen favorites include Steve Rogers from Earth X, Red Skull and the Greatest American Hero.

Lee’s future plans include Birdman from Rick and Morty and Android 16 from Dragon Ball Z.  I look forward to seeing both costumes.

Keep and eye out for Lee at conventions, you never know where he might pop up.  You can also watch him on Facebook


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