Two Years Ago Today – Feb 25th

February 25th, 2015 was the first contributed article to PopCultHQ, Nintendo Majora’s Mask 3DS (Zelda) review. This fantastic review was written by Zack, Manny’s son.


Final Grade: This game is honestly one of my favorites in the Zelda series. (After Wind Waker of course!) On a scale of 1 to 10 – I personally would give Majora’s Mask 3D; a 9! For so many reasons that I don’t even have time to explain it all in this review.

Recommendation: Overall, I think this re-make was a pretty big success. I thought the graphics looked amazing, and the changes didn’t really bother me. I personally think it would be a great idea to go out and buy this game if you already haven’t. That is, if you can even get your hands on a copy!

The second article on this day was by April Carvelli announcing DuckTales Is Coming Back due out in 2017. Still not a lot of news on the series except that it is due out sometime this summer on Disney XD.