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Last Night on CONAN (2/15): The Cast Of “Fist Fight” | Katherine Ryan

by Jason Bennett
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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan!

On Wednesday, February 15th, Conan welcomed The Cast Of “Fist Fight“-
Ice Cube, Charlie Day, Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell, and JoAnna Garcia Swisher,
and comedian Katherine Ryan.

CONAN Monologue 02/15/17:

Conan jokes “LEGO Batman,” “50 Shades Darker,” Tinder, and more.

Conan’s #ConanMexico Contingency Plan:

If the government tries to bar Conan from re-entering the U.S. after #ConanMexico, Andy will take over as host and Timothy Olyphant will take over Conan’s marital duties.

CONAN Audiencey Awards For 02/15/17:

Award show season is upon us, and no one is more deserving of accolades than the CONAN studio audience.

Tracy Morgan Got Beat Up By A 250-Pound Girl In Third Grade:

Her name was Big Murtis, it was third grade, and Tracy had a big crush on her.

Ice Cube’s Key To Fighting: Always Hit First:

Plus: Joanna Garcia Swisher has never been in a fight, but she feels like she could “cut a bitch.”

Joanna Garcia Swisher Had The Hots For Ice Cube:

Ice Cube wasn’t surprised, he knows a lot of women feel that way.

Jillian Bell’s Nana Is Her Muse:

Jillian’s nana’s name was “Hot Lips Lynn,” and she wore a dog tag with her phone number around her neck.

Ice Cube: Tracy Morgan Is Always Talking About Much Money He Has:

Tracy is happy he got hit by a Walmart truck and not a Bob’s Discount Furniture truck.

Joanna Garcia Swisher Knows Exactly Where Her Daughter Was Conceived:

It was the in the Sty Stallone room at Planet Hollywood. Apparently her husband has a thing for Rambo and Rocky.

Tracy Morgan Compares Ice Cube To Darth Vader:

Tracy complains about how tough it is to make Ice Cube laugh. Jillian Bell tests his theory and confirms it to be true.

Jillian Bell Bought Lap-Dances For Her “Students”:

Jillian got into character to play an inappropriate guidance counselor by literally becoming an inappropriate guidance counselor.

Joanna Garcia Swisher’s Dad Delivered Her Baby:

Joanna’s dad is a OBGYN, so they decided to keep it in the family.

Katherine Ryan Stand-Up 02/15/17:

Katherine is learning Hebrew in case she has to “pull an Ivanka.”

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