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PopCultHQ Cosplay Spotlight: Lady Victorious Cosplay

by April Carvelli
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Lady Victorious Cosplay is a Midwest cosplayer that has been on the scene since 2014. Her cosplays cover several genres and she wears each one spectacularly.

Every year, Lady Victorious participates in several charity events. The most notable was her participation in a child’s wish for The Make-A-Wish Foundation. She is also an avid marathon runner.

I think her most impressive cosplay is Peggy Carter. She didn’t spend hours sewing it, she went a different route and began a quest for authenticity.  Lady Victorious did her research and came up with a cosplay that not only looks like Peggy, but was also genuine for the era and is what Peggy Carter would have worn (with a few exceptions to make it more comfortable.)

That Eisenhower jacket (ETO) jacket looks great in these photos by Eddie B Photos.

A few of her other cosplays:


I hope she keeps it up;

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