Last Night on CONAN (2/9): Lester Holt | Kat Dennings | Aaron Lee Tasjan | James White

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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan!

On Thursday, February 9th, Conan welcomed
NBC journalist Lester Holt,
actress Kat Dennings (2 Broke Girls),
singer Aaron Lee Tasjan,
and a special appearance by 
New England Patriots RB James White

CONAN Monologue 02/09/17:

Conan jokes about Trump’s latest tweets and Valentine’s Day fried chicken.

Trump Calls Obama To Complain About Nordstrom:

Plus, The President tells his friend Barack that he’s arresting a cat for treason.

James White On Making The Greatest Comeback In Super Bowl History:

At one point in the game the Patriots were down 28-3, but James never stopped fighting. He did however stop looking at the scoreboard.

Conan Surprises The Patriots’ James White With A Ford Truck:

Tom Brady said James White deserved a truck for his Super Bowl heroics. Conan and Ford agree.

Lester Holt Almost Had To Cancel His CONAN Appearance:

Lester Holt had the courts speed up their decision on the travel ban so he could make it to CONAN on time.

Lester Holt Always Wanted To Be A Broadcaster:

Lester used to dictate the newspaper and record himself speaking. As Lester put it, he had “his own category of nerd going on.”

Why Lester Holt Retired His Mustache:

For 14 years, Lester anchored the news and rocked a signature mustache. Conan is campaigning for him to bring it back.

How Lester Holt Earned The Nickname “Iron Pants”:

Lester has been known to sit in the anchor chair for 9 hours straight — and space out his bathroom breaks.

Lester Holt On His Littlest Fan:

There’s a clip going around the internet of a little boy who’s disappointed that he’s being interviewed by a local news anchor instead of Lester Holt.

Lester Holt: Trump’s Attacks On The Media Are Liberating:

Plus, Lester thinks the most underreported story in the news right now is the Russian hacking scandal.

How Kat Dennings Got The Nickname “Biscuits”:

Kat’s “Two Broke Girls” co-star Garrett Morris told her she was “three biscuits away from fat,” and insisted it was a compliment.

Kat Dennings Went Vegan For Three Days:

Kat was vegan for three miserable days — until she broke and ate a box of Cheez-Its.

Kat Dennings Is Really Into Cat Bearding:

Kat loves perusing photos of cat beards on the internet and wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately, Kat’s cat Millie wasn’t all that into it.

Kat Dennings Finds Conan’s Horse Twin:

Horse twinning inventor Kat Dennings found a horse that projects Conan’s true essence.

Aaron Lee Tasjan “Little Movies” 02/09/17:

Aaron Lee Tasjan performs a track off his album Silver Tears.

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