Albert the Alien by Trevor Mueller – A Spectacular All-Ages Graphic Novel

Albert the Alien
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Every convention we go to, there is one comic book creator that my nine-year-old son looks for, Trevor Mueller.
Trevor, along with artist GABO (Gabriel Bautista), is the creative mind behind Albert the Alien.

Albert the Alien is a comic series featuring Albert, a seventh grade foreign exchange student and his adventures as he acclimates to our culture with the help of his host family, the Greysons.  The difference is that Albert is from the planet Xevon VII and is the first intergalatic foreign exchange student.

In Albert the Alien 1: New in School, there are several adventures including alien school supplies trying to to take over the school, a blobbite that eats everything in its path, and a time machine Albert uses to take his class back in time to study dinosaurs.  All the while, Albert faces everyday situations we can all relate to – making new friends, adapting to a new environment, and dodging the school bully.

My son has been following Albert’s exploits for a while now, and according to my son, they just keep getting better.

Interesting book, very interesting there is a lot to it, a lot of details in there. Pretty much everything is in there, there’s some mystery in there. I recommend it for someone to read. I also like the different artists scenes in the back, where they have different artists doing a story – C. Carvelli -age 9

It wasn’t until he started talking about the third book and asking about its release that I actually read the first in the series, and I have to admit it is an amusing read, even for an adult. There are a lot of subtle 80’s references woven throughout the first book, that are definitely there for us.

Albert deals with everyday topics such as bullying, peer pressure, making friends in a fun way that keeps you wanting to read more.

“One of the reasons I love writing this series so much is that I remember feeling like I was on the outside looking in when I was growing up. While Albert’s situation is certainly extraordinary, I think most people can relate to feeling like they don’t quite fit in at times,” said series creator and writer Trevor Mueller.

Check out Albert the Alien 2: Substitute Teacher from Planet X

Albert the Alien is the first foreign exchange student from another planet…and someone is trying to get him expelled!

Albert has been on Earth for a few weeks now, and all of the kids are excited for the upcoming Homecoming Dance. His adventures have made him super popular in school – much to the dismay of some of the popular kids – and he may even get nominated for Homecoming King!

However, when all of the teachers mysteriously call in sick and are replaced by robot substitute teachers, it’s up to Albert and his friends to figure out who’s trying to take over the school…and stop them before they do!

Dodging robot hall monitors, battling ancient Mummy Kings on a field trip, and uncovering the mystery of the school mascot thieves, Albert’s newest adventure on Earth is out of this world!

152 full color pages including exclusive stories and bonus art.

And coming soon will be a Kickstarter Campaign for the next edition of Albert the Alien. Be sure to keep your eyes open. In the meantime, keep an eye on the weekly comic panels to get your Albert fix.