Last Night on CONAN (1/25): Leah Remini | Jeff Ross | Foxygen

Conan January 25, 2017

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan!

On Wednesday, January 25th, Conan welcomed

actress Leah Remini (Mad Families),

comedian/roastmaster general Jeff Ross,

and musical guest Foxygen.

CONAN Monologue 01/25/17:

Conan jokes about the world’s largest penis, himself, and more.

Andy Richter Is Conan’s Sean Spicer:

Conan’s press secretary insists that Conan’s jokes are never met with silence, and anything that sounds like a silence is just an alternative laugh.

Howie Mandel Helps Conan Launch “Celebrity Lost And Found”:

After successfully reuniting Howie Mandel with his iPhone, Conan wants to help other suffering celebrities track down their expensive products.

Leah Remini On Her Inspiration For Making “Scientology And The Aftermath”:

Leah was sick of sitting by the sidelines watching Scientology hurt people. For Leah, doing the show was just the first step.

Leah Remini On Scientology’s Relationship To Media:

From an early age, Leah was taught that negative media coverage about Scientology was fake news.

Leah Remini On Shelly Miscavige’s Disappearance:

Shelly Miscavige’s conspicuous absence from Tom Cruise’s wedding was the catalyst for Leah Remini’s exit from Scientology.

Leah Remini On Why Scientology Isn’t Suing Her:

Leah knows the church can’t touch her in court because the truth is on her side.

Jeff Ross On Roasting Donald Trump:

According to Jeff, Donald Trump loves being roasted. Conan thinks that’s just because he loves being the center of attention.

Jeff Ross On Entertaining The Troops In Iraq:

For the most part, Jeff’s trip to Iraq was a positive experience. Except for the falafel food.

Jeff Ross: Tom Brady Is No Joke To Boston Finest:

Jeff made the fatal mistake of roasting the Patriots quarterback in the presence of Boston cops.

Foxygen “Follow The Leader” 01/25/17:

Foxygen perform the first track off their fourth studio album, Hang.

On Thursday night, Conan welcomes Chris Hardwick, comedian/actor Ron Funches (Powerless), and musical guest Cody Jinks.

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