Last Night on CONAN (1/24): Aaron Paul | Bert Kreischer | Colony House


PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan!


On Tuesday, January 24th, Conan welcomed 

actor Aaron Paul (Hulu’s The Path),

comedian Bert Kreischer,

and musical guest Colony House.

CONAN Monologue 01/24/17:

Conan jokes about President Trump’s National Day of Patriotic Devotion, fascism, and more.

El Chapo Is Sitting In On Drums:

The Mexican drug lord is as bad at drums as he is good at making tunnels.

The Basic Cable Band Stumped “Jeopardy” Contestants:

What is the name of CONAN’s house band that “Jeopardy” contestants couldn’t come up with?

“Arrival” Is Not Your Typical Sci-Fi Film:

We’ve never seen a sci-fi film with this much product placement and jazz scatting.

Aaron Paul On “Breaking Bad” Reboot Rumors:

Even Aaron gets excited when he hears “Breaking Bad” rumors that he knows to be untrue.

Aaron Paul: Lightning CAN Strike Twice:

Aaron talks about his character on “The Path” being struck by lightning, which sends Aaron and Conan down a rabbit hole of lightning strike factoids.

Aaron Paul: I Have A Terrible Gag Reflex:

Aaron can’t be in close proximity to animal feces without dry heaving. Unfortunately he finds himself in that situation a lot.

Aaron Paul Was A Snake Guy:

Aaron didn’t set out to be a snake guy, he just got a great 2-for-1 deal on pythons.

Aaron Paul’s Coachella Love Story:

In typical Coachella fashion, Aaron Paul declared his love for his wife on the festival’s iconic ferris wheel.

Bert Kreischer Robbed A Train With The Russian Mafia:

Bert studied abroad in Russia when he was 22 and learned the language the old fashioned way — by joining the mob.

Bert Kreischer Likes To Perform Shirtless:

Is it any surprise that the man Rolling Stone named the “Top College Partier” has a bro-y aesthetic?

Colony House “You Know It” 01/24/17:

Colony House perform their latest single off Only the Lonely.

On Wednesday night, Conan welcomes actress Leah Remini (Mad Families), comedian/roastmaster general Jeff Ross, and musical guest Foxygen.

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