PopCultHQ’s Kickstarter Spotlight: ‘STRANGE HORROR’ by Gary Scott Beatty

trange Horror

Welcome to another edition of PopCultHQ’s Kickstarter Spotlight!

Our intent is to help raise awareness of Kickstarter campaigns by indie creators of ones we feel you should be aware, hot titles or issues to watch, or ones WE support and think YOU should too! From unknown publishers to creators with tenure…doesn’t matter! This is about helping promote the creators involved and their vision.

Today, PopCultHQ has the privilege in sharing with you a recently-launched Kickstarter campaign from Gary Scott Beatty that in less than a week is already nearly 40% funded! Get ready for…

Strange Horror #1 is a 40 page, full color, mature readers comic
with tales of fright beyond the ordinary: Welcome to Dunwich, Wounds, and The Devouring.

Plus, a Strange Horror Music Soundtrack level is offered with 40 minutes of original music
by the comic’s creator, Gary Scott Beatty!

This is mostly a “Digital Only” campaign, with the issue set up as a PDF, and you can get your hands on PDFs of issues #1, #2 and #3 — the first story arc for all three stories — through this Kickstarter.

The issues are already 100% finished and ready to deliver!


Welcome to Dunwich

WELCOME TO DUNWICH. Large single family homes come up for sale in the sinister Miskatonic River Valley, as a speculator attempts to gentrify fabled Dunwich, despite portents of doom. Written by Beatty and illustrated by Macabre Mark Bloodworth (Deadworld, Hellraiser).


If you like figuring things out, WOUNDS is the story for you, written in an “eternal waking” style that’s guaranteed to keep you guessing. Is it one man’s descent into madness as he attempts to save his family from a zombie apocalypse? Or something more? Written and illustrated by Beatty.

The Devouring

THE DEVOURING. A museum break-in yields two brutal murders. The police are unconcerned and museum staff just want the story to go away — but it won’t, because Hell’s Reporter is on the case. Written by Beatty and illustrated by Andy Bennett (Ghost Sonata, Cthulhu Tales).

Strange Horror is now on Kickstarter!

An insane zombie apocalypse story by Gary Scott Beatty
PLUS a Lovecraft homage illustrated by Mark Bloodworth
PLUS a savage ghost story illustrated by Andy Bennett.
PLUS all kinds of freebies!

Gary Scott Beatty – Writer, Illustrator, Colorist, Letterer. Bleeding Cool called my comic, Number One, one of the best indie comics of 2014. Worlds: Three Stories by Gary Scott Beatty was just released through Caliber Comics. I’m editor, publisher and contributor to Indie Comics.



Mark Bloodworth – Illustrator, Welcome to Dunwich. Mark Bloodworth illustrated the award winning Deadworld: The Last Siesta (IDW), Clive Barker’s: Hellraiser, Deadworld Chronicles (Desperado), his own monster mag homage Midnight Mortuary, and many more titles. This man knows how to draw terror!

Andy Bennett – Illustrator, The Devouring. Andy Bennett has illustrated for Caliber Comics, Moonstone Books, BOOM! Studios and IDW books. His clients for design, illustration, and sequential art have included PBS, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and many more. We’re all lucky he can’t stay away from horror.


LEVELS! The Details

Strange Horror issues #1, #2 and #3 contain the first story arc for all three tales. Backers can get a first issue PDF for only $1. BUT a $6 pledge or above gets you downloads of #1, #2 and #3, complete story arcs of the three tales! Also, FREE stuff kicks in at the $6 or above level (Stretch Goal Awards) and you get your name on all three “special thanks” pages. 

$12 – Artist Issues Level: Extended Artist Issues of Strange Horror #1, #2 AND #3 PDFs. An illustration lover’s dream! All the story that is Strange Horror, plus artist biographies and splash page after splash page of creepy goodness.

$30 – Soothe the Beasts Music and Comics Level: Strange Horror music download, composed and performed by Gary Scott Beatty. (Plus Extended Artist Issues of Strange Horror #1, #2 AND #3 PDFs.) Check out the music in the video below. These MP3 downloads are creepy and disturbing, reflecting the emotions and experiences of characters in Wounds, Welcome to Dunwich and The Devouring.

$60 – Join the Horde Level: Become a zombie — you supply a photo, Gary will “turn” you. I’m looking forward to turning you guys into zombies! This includes two downloads, a print resolution size in case you want to hang yourself (on the wall that is) and an online size great for profile pics!

$80 – Join the Horde, Sooth the Beasts Level. This is the whole enchilada! Become a zombie, download creepy music, read all of Strange Horror and enjoy the Extended Artist Editions. Have it all!

Original Art Levels from Mark and Andy, pages pictured below. I’m thinking, if you want these, you’ll need to grab them early.

Be sure to check out STRANGE HORROR on Kickstarter NOW
and get in on this soon-to-be funded campaign!


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