Anime Milwaukee Cosplay Meetups

Anime Milwaukee is in their 10th year and they plan to do something a little different – Official Cosplay Meetups.

These are sanctioned and organized photo shoot opportunities for genre related cosplayers. They will  be staff run cosplay meetups, so they will (hopefully) be more structured than your random cosplay group photo shoots.

Fluffy Fox Photography is the one that came up with it and is the official Cosplay Coordinator.

There are two designated photo shoot areas in the South Atrium by W. Wisconsin Ave, on the first floor.

The current schedule can be found on the official Cosplay meetup site. The schedule starts at 11am on Friday, February 17th and run in 15 minute increments with meetups for all different groups. Check the schedule to see what works for you.

Maybe PopCultHQ will be there to snag a few photos of you and your group. If we aren’t there, then flag us down and say hi!