Last Night on CONAN (1/16): Fred Armisen | Van Jones | Drive-By Truckers

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan!

 On Monday, January 16th, Conan welcomed

actor Fred Armisen (Portlandia),

Van Jones (The Messy Truth),

and musical guest Drive-By Truckers.

CONAN Monologue 01/16/2017

Conan jokes about the President-elect’s tweets, Barack Obama’s favorite books,
and a Bruce Springsteen cover band.

Trump Telephones Obama Days Before His Inauguration

Listen in as the 45th President calls up the 44th President to discuss world affairs
and his thoughts on “The Human Centipede.”

Mike Merritt’s Inner Thoughts: MLK Day Edition

The Basic Cable Band bassist isn’t sure Conan is the best person to eulogize Dr. King’s legacy.

Conan Tries To Explain A News Story To A Tween: Ringling Bros. Edition

Conan wants to connect with one of his younger viewers.
His young viewer just wants to connect to some wifi.

Fred Armisen Remembers His “Late Night” Stand-Up Set

16 years ago, Fred performed a memorable stand-up set on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.”

Fred Armisen Went To The Emmys In A Hearse

Would you expect anything less from a man who celebrated his last birthday at a cemetery?

Vince Is Fred Armisen’s Favorite “Portlandia” Character

Fred thinks the goth character is the closest to who he is IRL.

Van Jones Foresaw Trump’s Victory:

Van had a feeling that the “data dummies” were getting it wrong.

Van Jones Is Not Van Jones’ Real Name

Van, formerly Anthony, thought all the cool people had one-syllable names. Like Sting.

Van Jones’ Secret To Communicating: Being A Human Being

Van credits his midwest upbringing for helping him hear two sides of an argument.

Van Jones On Liberals’ Reaction To The Election:

Van has notes for the Democrats, namely:
“You never win the championship criticizing the other team.”

Van Jones On Prison Reform:

Van saw more drugs at Yale University than in black communities,
but those kids never went to prison.

Drive-By Truckers “Ramon Casiano” 01/16/17:

Drive-By Truckers perform a song off their album American Band.


Tonight, Conan welcomes comedian Kathy Griffin, author Michael Lewis, and musical guest Johnnyswim.

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