Top 5 Villains That Would Be Great For ‘The Flash’ Movie

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With superhero movies on the rise, we have finally been promised a Flash movie that is coming to theaters in 2018. Unfortunately for DC, this movie seems to keep getting delayed by directors, the writing team, and actors. Because of this, I have decided to make a Top 5 list in hopes they see it.


My fifth pick is The Rogues. The Rouges Gallery I am referring to is Captain Cold, Heatwave, Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, and Captain Boomerang. The reason I chose these characters is because they are the easy to explain and would come off as a real threat to Barry Allen. From the powers to their backstories, and after some of the recent DC moves, this would be a nice change of pace (not to mention all of the good storylines at their fingertips). But the reason this one stays at number five is its greatest strength and weakness: the five different characters. Now while it would be awesome to see all of them on screen at the same time, it would be a burden at the same time. Not only has DC recently tried a bad guy team-up (Suicide Squad) but trying to explain all of their backstories and abilities would be a lot. However, after a couple of movies and getting to know the characters, The Rogues will be a force to reckon with!


Now let’s talk about a character that never really fit in with the likes of Captain Cold and the rest of the gang… The Trickster. The Trickster is known as a lone ranger, a villain without super powers, and in the Flash’s case, there aren’t many villains like that. Personally, I think lately we have been having a lot of complicated villains who have unbelievable powers. I think it would be amazing to see a non-super-powered villain take on the likes of a demi-god in the Flash.  Not only that but the Trickster’s dangerous, yet funny, traps would create some good chatter between the Scarlet Speedster and James Jesse.  The last reason I think he should be in the movie is that he isn’t a terrible person but just someone with a bad case of a split personality. I think that could be worked into the movie so well with the Flash’s tone and presence. And if none of those reasons impress, you then let me tell you that Mark Hamill has played the Trickster on The Flash before (and might do it again for a live-action film). But the reason this stays at number four is for two main reasons. One, the Trickster’s character is way too similar to that of the Joker. Especially with mixed opinions on Jared Leto’s interpretation, you don’t want any comparisons between the two characters or actors.  Second, the Trickster doesn’t have that much source material to use. He has a couple cool gadgets but besides that it’s just big bombs. I think it would be hard to make him feel threatening to someone of the Flash’s caliber.


My third pick would be Gorilla Grodd. For starters, we have already seen a big gorilla smash in the box office and Gorilla Grodd would be no different. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know about Grodd. As you can see, he is a giant gorilla but he has special abilities. For starters, Grodd has more intelligence than any other being in the DC. In time he meets his kind and creates an army in a city called, Gorilla City. He also has increased strength and speed. To top it all off he has telekinesis. All of these factors would make a great introduction into the Flash’s Rogue Gallery! Also with special effects now, he could seem more real than ever. Grodd’s greatest strength, however, is also his greatest weakness. People would see Grodd and think two things, “Oh, that looks really cool.” or “Wow, that’s such a rip-off of King Kong.” So if they choose to have Grodd as the villain, they would have to show off all of his different abilities to show that it’s not just a copy and paste.


My number two pick needs no introduction. He’s arguably one of the most powerful villains in DC, Reverse Flash. Now from that statement alone you would think he would be the number one pick. Well, let me show you why he should just be a number two. One of the main reasons is his backstory. To sum it up, he is from the future and time travels back to see his hero the Flash in person. But then finds out that his greatest villain Reverse Flash is him. Knowing that you can’t change the timeline, he went on to embrace being his opposite or otherwise known as reverse. Now while that sounds like a great plot line, it is also a very confusing one. And the way the DCEU has been lately, it needs an easy villain to understand. Another reason is his power. As stated earlier, he is one of the most powerful villains ever and since this will be the first time we get to see Flash (on the big screen), we don’t want to have someone we know he can’t beat.  But because of his power and storylines, he stays at number two. But if DC plays their cards right, they can plant him in the movie so we can have a live-action version of Flashpoint!


From the picture alone you feel intimidated. This is why the CW’s Zoom would make a great villain. Now I know a lot of you would put Reverse Flash as your number one pick but let me explain even more why Zoom is a better choice. One major thing going for Zoom is his backstory. It is similar to Barry’s in a lot of ways but with a few twists. Instead of his parents being killed, it was actually his parents killing each other. His father was a post-war veteran with PTSD and his mother is the very stereotypical “housewife.” Well one day Zoom’s dad goes off the hinges and pulls out a gun on his wife. His dad then kneels down to Zoom and goes, “You’re going to want to see this, son.” He then makes Zoom watch as he shoots his mother. From there, his dad is sentenced to death and Zoom is sent to foster care. On the other hand, we have Barry whose mom was killed by Reverse Flash and his dad blamed for her death and sent to prison. Beside a few key differences, they have very similar backstories. Obviously Barry goes on to be a hero and Zoom goes on to be a villain.  But Zoom’s main focus is to show Barry that they are similar in every way, and he just needs a push to get to his level. This element would be amazing to see on-screen. They could take it in so many different directions. For example, after we have explained both characters, you could have Zoom going around killing people for no reason. Obviously Barry does his best to save everyone but people still die. After a while Barry finally catches up with Zoom and is screaming and furious and is wanting to kill Zoom. But this is exactly what Zoom wants. Zoom then says something like, “For every person you save, I have killed five in his place.” And all the way up to the climax, Zoom keeps messing with Barry’s head. But we then hit the climax where Zoom takes Barry’s father and kills him right in front of Barry.  From here, they could do anything they want. But this is just one direction that they could head with Zoom. Now just like the rest, it does have its downfall. I think they would have a hard time keeping a good tone for the movie as it’s a dark story. But beside this, I think its a great villain and is my number one pick! Who would you have as the villain for the Flash movie. Put it in the comment section below and we can talk about.

*** written by Garrett A.

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