Will Captain Cold Return to ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ As A Villain?

The character of Leonard Snart (aka Captain Cold), played by Wentworth Miller, has had quite the character arc since we first encountered him in Season 1 of The Flash. He first appeared as a lovable rogue, using heat and cold guns alongside his partner Mick Rory (Heat Wave) to steal whatever they wanted. The pair were then surprisingly recruited by Captain Rip Hunter to join his gang of rag-tag heroes and travel through time saving the world in Legends of Tomorrow. Throughout the first season of Legends, we saw Snart lean more and more into being a hero, eventually sacrificing his own life for the greater good.

Many thought that might be the last we saw of the character, but you would be wrong. Snart most recently appeared in the mid-season finale of Legends, appearing in a vision to Rory and telling his friend that doing the right thing gets you killed.

Last May, it was confirmed that Miller had signed a new contract, making his character a regular across all Greg Berlanti-produced superhero shows.

In a new interview with EW, Miller talked about how his character might return, and it likely will not be as the hero Snart had become. He is slated to become part of the Legion of Doom alongside Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), Reverse Flash (Matt Letscher) and Damian Darhk (Neal McDonough). Why would Snart suddenly change sides again? Given the time-traveling nature of Legends, it seems highly probable that the Legion will recruit him for an earlier time.

Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller)

“My sense is that if Snart comes back into the storyline via his present day incarnation, then he’s a straight up villain. He hasn’t gone on that first season Legends of Tomorrow journey yet, so when we meet him again — quote unquote alive in 2017 — I imagine that he’s going to be much like when we first met him the first season on The Flash, which I’m looking forward to, because it means I get to arc to a completely different place.”

It likely won’t be easy for Snart to work with the others, given that he has always preferred to take more of a leadership role, both in his partnership with Rory and on the team in Legends.

“What I can tell you is that Snart is not used to taking orders. He’s not a team player. That was certainly his story the first season on Legends, so I expect fireworks. I look forward to it.”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW on January 24th at 9 P.M. ET

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