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Preview Action Lab: Danger Zone’s ‘VAMPBLADE’ Season 2 #1 New Costume! New Direction!

by Jason Bennett
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Vampblade Season 2 #1: All New Costume and Direction!

Wielding other-dimensional blades that allow her to cosplay the perfect costume for any situation, comic shop owner Katie Carva continues her secret fight against the hidden vampiric parasites that threaten mankind in an all new second season of the popular Action Lab: Danger Zone series!

Following season one’s 12 issue run, which wraps up this month, the genre blending mature readers monthly series from creator Jason Martin (Zombie Tramp, Night of the 80s Undead) will resume this March with an all new season two and first issue.

Perfect for fans of Harley Quinn or Ash vs Evil Dead, Vampblade season two gives new readers a great jumping on point, while continuing the kinky and quirky intergalactic parasite slaying story thousands of fans have already grown to love.

Fans were even given the ability to vote for Vampblade’s new costume, which debuts in the first issue! However, along with that new costume comes a new set of challenges for Katie… just as she started to get a handle on her new tumultuous life, season two makes Vampblade harder, faster, shinier!


Cover G – Blank Sketch variant (limited to 2000)

Vampblade Season 2 #1

Writer: Jason Martin
Artist: Winston Young
Cover Artists:
Cover A – Standard Cover (unlimited): Winston Young
Cover B – Risqué variant (limited to 2000): Winston Young
Cover C – Mendoza variant (limited to 1500): Dan Mendoza
Cover D – Mendoza risqué (limited to 2000): Dan Mendoza
Cover E – Pepoy variant (limited to 1500): Andrew Pepoy
Cover F – Pepoy risqué (limited to 2000): Andrew Pepoy
Cover G – Blank Sketch variant (limited to 2000)

Born from the mysterious ’90s comic series Vampblade, comic fan, cosplayer, and shop manager Katie Carva must now continue her quest to fight the invisible other-dimensional vampires from the comics, while the blades push her to all new extremes! It’s all new next-level Vampblade adventures, shiny and chrome! The hit series starts anew with covers from series artist Winston Young, Zombie Tramp creator Dan Mendoza, and good girl artist Andrew Pepoy (also featuring a blank sketch cover variant).


Cover A – Standard Cover: Winston Young
Cover C – Mendoza variant (limited to 1500)
Cover E – Pepoy variant (limited to 1500)
Cover B – Risqué variant (limited to 2000): Winston Young
Cover D – Mendoza risqué (limited to 2000)
Cover F – Pepoy risqué (limited to 2000)

Writer Jason Martin talks about some of the things we can expect in the second season of Vampblade: It’s really exciting to take what we’ve done with our amazing creative team – including all-pro artistic talents like Winston Young, and Marco Maccagni – and continue that on a larger stage. What’s more, creatively, while our protagonist’s world and supporting cast have been rich, now that Katie’s merged with the Vampblades, this new paradigm in season two will just build and expand on what’s come, yielding ever bigger and crazier situations for our blade brandishing heroine!


32 pgs./ M / FC                   $3.99 (reg.), $4.99 (var.)

So if you’re looking for a good time between the covers, with a book that’s not afraid to push the limits, featuring a lethal (and did we mention shiny?) female lead, Vampblade’s the book for you!

Check it out in finer comic stores this March or pick up the season one trades now!
Volume 1 TPB (digital)
Volume 2 TPB (digital)

ABOUT ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT– Formed in 2010 with the purpose of pooling their collective talents into a single, powerful entity, the members of Action Lab Entertainment have countless years in multimedia publishing, design, and business.  Their first release, Fracture, was successfully funded through Kickstarter and since then they have continued their mission to produce high quality, genre-spanning entertainment.  Since its formation, the accolades for A.L.E continue to build on a daily basis.  Among its more popular titles are all ages material like the Eisner, Glyph, Shel Dorf Award nominated series PRINCELESS, MIRACULOUS (based on the Nickelodeon Television series), Jamal Igle’s MOLLY DANGER, Artist/ Writer Katie Cook’s GRONK and Gayle Middleton’s (My Little Pony, The Littlest Pet Shop) monstrously adorable VAMPLETS. Action Lab’s Mature Readers imprint ACTION LAB DANGER ZONE continues to push the envelope of comics entertainment with titles as varied as Charles Band’s PUPPET MASTER and Dan Mendoza’s over the top horror-comedy ZOMBIE TRAMP, VAMPBLADE and ITTY BITTY BUNNIES IN RAINBOW PIXIE CANDY LAND, and socially relevant titles including SOUTHERN DOG, KINGDOM BUM and M Goodwin’s TOMBOY.

*** info courtesy of Action Lab Entertainment

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