Top 20 In-Demand TV Shows Around the World

Parrot Analytics recently came out with a global list of the most popular original in-demand TV shows from US-based SVOD platforms, including the major services Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon/HBO, as well as smaller players YouTube Red and NBC’s Seeso and they did it the smart way. They realized that rating shows should no longer be measured by just traditional viewing methods.

They didn’t just use data about how many tuned in, they also looked at other factors such as social media, peer-to-peer sharing, streaming, downloads and a variety of other Internet-based factors which have been frequently ignored by previous rating systems.

Using their analytics, the top 10 shows were on Netflix and out the top 20 shows only two were on Amazon Video and three on Hulu.

This is from the Global Demand Report from July 1, 2016 to September 30, 2016

  1. Stranger Things – Netflix
  2. Orange Is The New Black – Netflix
  3. The Get Down – Netflix
  4. Narcos – Netflix
  5. Marco Polo – Netflix
  6. House Of Cards – Netflix
  7. Fuller House – Netflix
  8. BoJack Horseman – Netflix
  9. Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Netflix
  10. Bloodline – Netflix
  11. Marvel’s Daredevil – Netflix
  12. The Man In The High Castle – Amazon Video
  13. 11. 22.63 – Hulu
  14. Sense8 – Netflix
  15. Longmire – Netflix
  16. The Path – Hulu
  17. Grace And Frankie – Netflix
  18. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Netflix
  19. The Mindy Project – Hulu
  20. Transparent – Amazon Video

I found it interesting that Russia was the only country where Stranger Things did not rank as #1.