A Doctor Who Experience at the Blue Box Cafe in Elgin, IL

Blue Box Cafe in Elgin
Big Blue BLT

I am a Doctor Who Fan and have been for years, but unfortunately I am a Doctor Who Fan without cable. This means that I did not get to see the Christmas special, “The Return of Doctor Mysterio.” I was delighted when I found the solution.

New Years Eve, Eve (December 30th in layman’s terms) I attended a most wonderful Doctor Who event at The Blue Box Cafe in Elgin, IL. This event was hosted by Southgate Media Group, who was doing a live podcast and trivia event followed by the airing of the new Doctor Who episode.

I had heard about the café, but hadn’t had a chance to go there yet. My son really wanted to go as he cosplays the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) so this made for a fantastic family outing.

Like many events, my initial concern is parking, but parking was exceptionally easy as there is a multi-level garage right across from the café.

It’s a small place, so the event was rather crowded, which made me grateful we arrived a little early, but the food and beverages were great and the crowd even better.

They are a café so the menu is mostly sandwiches and coffee with some salads and soups. The sandwiches we had were spectacular and it was REAL cappuccinos not the gas station pre-made stuff.

This is a niche coffee shop so I expected prices to be high, but I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the prices were. Once I tried the food and coffee, I was even more satisfied with the prices.

Whether you are a Doctor Who Fan or not, I definitely recommend that you go to the Blue Box Cafe.

The event was cozy and everyone had fun.  I loved decor.

The walls were blue and everywhere you looked there was at least a small tribute to The Doctor. I understand that the Dalek and Snowman were loaners for the evening, but they just added to the overall ambiance. The Snowman was courtesy of ACME Designs in Elgin, Il

At the back of the café is a Tardis, which when opened reveals a Stone Angel. The perfect touch, in my opinion, is the coat rack beside the Tardis.

How many Doctors do you see?


And a special THANK YOU to the owner and creator of Dalek Kermit. You made my son’s day.


  1. Good read April. Love the remote Dalek that your son is driving!!!!!!!

    *Editors note: Removed childs name

  2. So glad to meet you, and thanks for the fantastic pictures! The snowman belongs to Acme Design here in Elgin, and it’s there through the holiday season if not through the winter. (I’m not exactly sure what the plan is.) They’re the same folks who built the TARDIS that appears at many area events.

    Your son was a delightful 10th Doctor. Hooray for the next generation! <3

    • I’m glad that I finally managed to visit and even though it is a drive, I am sure I will visit again

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