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PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: ‘INFINITE SEVEN’ #1 from Action Lab: Danger Zone

by Jason Bennett
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PopCultHQ received a preview copy of INFINITE SEVEN #1 from Action Lab: Danger Zone. Hitting newsstands Wednesday, February 1st, the creative team for this mature readers series features writing from Dave Dwonch (CYRUS PERKINS, GHOST TOWN, VAMPLETS), interior and cover art by Arturo Mesa, and colors from Geraldo Filho.


Here’s our spoiler-free look at Action Lab: Danger Zone’s premiere issue of…

Synopsis for INFINITE SEVEN #1:

Writer: Dave Dwonch
Art: Arturo Mesa
Colors: Geraldo Filho
For centuries, a secret world government has employed the INFINITE SEVEN, the world’s greatest assassins to do their dirty work. The only way to become one of their members is to prove your worth by killing one of their members. But what happens when Anthony Zane, a teenage boy from the suburbs does just that? Action hero archetypes are reimagined in what is sure to be the blockbuster series of the year!
NOTE:  Covers D and E interlock with 5 covers to be released throughout the first arc to form a MASSIVE Infinite Seven Poster!
In Shops: Feb 01, 2017
SRP: $3.99

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review:


12.29.16 14:55 – Day 1.
Objective: Assess threat from INFINITE SEVEN
Targets: Dave Dwonch, Arturo Mesa, Geraldo Filho

From what we have uncovered, INFINITE SEVEN is a covert ops group shrouded in secrecy. Their means of “getting the job done” are forceful and productive. The means of which one is to join this elite fighting unit are dire, almost a “survival of the fittest,” if you will. This is a concern of headquarters. Fortunately for us, we have a patsy. Anthony “Tony” Zane. The young, naïve gamer from Leavenworth, Kansas accidentally stumbled upon this secretive society and has become our means to infiltrate this impressive team. Though more data is needed, we have already determined that INFINITE SEVEN is a force to reckon with that requires immediate action. If the world were to be privy to this information or the I7 team, we may not be able to control the outpouring of support for the radical creators.


Writer. Creator. Top dog at Action Lab. More power than one man should be allowed to possess. From INFINITE SEVEN, we (regretfully) admit that the power is coupled with talent, which makes him all the more dangerous. Dwonch, not known for his subtly, has released the I7 team on the world in true Danger Zone fashion: engaging characters, a swift pace (though not rushed), in-your-face action, all delivered with a fiery passion. The threat of INFINITE SEVEN becoming a worldwide phenomenon has gone from possible to probable.

<UPDATE: We have confirmed that INFINITE SEVEN #2 is in development and have obtained snippets from recon – currently CLASSIFIED>


From intel scouts we have determined that Mesa is extremely adept and should be approached with caution. He is highly gifted in creating defined individuals from Dwonch’s imaginative writing. He has simply created vivid imagery to near-perfection. His sharp, bold lines and crisp penciling make him a quite lethal assailant. Do not underestimate at any cost!


Though some label as third-in-command, target Geraldo Filho is no slouch. Quite the contrary. Our men in the field can only describe his abilities as otherworldly, as he has been said to bring life to inanimate objects. Fortunately for our operations, his colors give definition to all the players in INFINITE SEVEN and accentuate Mesa’s illustrations like nothing we’ve ever seen. Filho and Mesa are indeed in cahoots with one another, thanks to satellite images we’ve received. The uniting of these two sharpshooting artists confirms our belief all along that publisher Action Lab has been patient in assembling the most elite force of creators on an assignment. So brilliant that even our intel missed the signs.

PopCultHQ’s overall assessment:

These three major players (Dave Dwonch, Arturo Mesa, and Geraldo Filho) are our primary focus, though we expect to uncover others pulling strings. While the fantastically striking and lucid artwork from Mesa and Filho set the feel and look for this operative group, we have confirmation that Dwonch is in fact the true mastermind behind this project. From this issue alone, we’re unable to project his next move, but we can assure you it will be methodical,

The unruly team of Dwonch, Mesa, and Filho have become public enemies to the state and are our highest priority. Though this is only their initial entry, if we don’t attempt to neutralize this threat, we predict a rolling juggernaut of a series. Mystery still clouds some of the Infinite Seven’s crew, so we have determined that our best tactical maneuver at this point is to lay low and watch for further, likely more extreme, developments. Make following INFINITE SEVEN and these creators your utmost priority, soldier. Nothing else matters. That is all…for now.


PopCultHQ’s Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

You can pre-order INFINITE SEVEN #1 on ComiXology and on Amazon
or hit up your LCS and add it to your pull list! 


Writer – Dave Dwonch

Twitter: https://twitter.com/davedwonch



Artist – Arturo Mesa



Colorist – Geraldo Filho



Publisher – Action Lab: Danger Zone



Pick up INFINITE SEVEN #1 at your local comic shop and various online retailers on
Wednesday, February 1st!

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