Last Night on CONAN (12/15): Diego Luna | Billy Eichner | The Pretenders

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Thursday, December 15th, Conan welcomed Funny Or Die’s Billy on the Street creator Billy Eichner, actor Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), and musical guest The Pretenders (Yes, that Pretenders!).

CONAN Monologue 12/15/16: Conan jokes about Mad Dog, Butch Otter, and Trump’s promise to put American kids to work.


Trump Talks To Obama, Dad To Dad: It’s against the law to release private phone calls, but for some reason Conan has even more presidential phone calls to share.


Minty The Candy Cane Is Back!: Jack McBrayer is in the studio audience, and he’s eager to see everyone’s favorite candy cane who briefly fell on the ground.


Diego Luna Got A Lot Of Face Time With Alan Tudyk In “Rogue One: Alan Tudyk had to be on stilts to portray K-2SO, which put Diego Luna an unfortunate position.

Diego Luna Thought His “Rogue One” Casting Call Was A Drunk Dial: Diego found out he would be portraying Captain Cassian Andor at 2AM in Budapest.


Diego Luna Was Starstruck By Darth Vader: On his first day on set of “Rogue One,” Diego turned fanboy around the Star Wars villain.


Diego Luna’s 8-Year-Old Son Broke His Confidentiality Agreement: Diego’s son piloted an X-wing on the “Rogue One” set — and then told some 16-year-old girls about it.


Diego Luna On President-Elect Trump: Diego is sad about what’s happening in America politics, but proud to be Mexican and proud of “Rogue One”’s diverse cast.


Billy Eichner Offered People $1 To Sleep With Jon Hamm: People were unsurprisingly game to sleep with Jon Hamm, but balked when they realized Billy was part of the bargain.


Billy Eichner Challenges Conan To Name 20 Famous White Women: Tina Fey couldn’t name 20 Latinos, can Conan name 20 famous white women?


Billy Eichner: Rachel Dratch Was On “CONAN” On “Billy On The Street: See if Rachel Dratch can make it through “the CONAN set” before she gets caught in an “Angie Tribeca” promo!


Pretenders “Alone” 12/15/16: Pretenders perform the title track off their new album Alone.

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