Add Some Superhero Flair To Your Holiday with ‘Fireside Heroes’ Videos from Marvel

The holiday season is once again upon us, and along with it come cozy nights at home around the fireplace and gathering with friends to celebrate. Unfortunately not every home has a fireplace (or they live in a climate where you would not want one during the winter), which has led to the rising popularity of Yule log videos both on television and Youtube. The Marvel Youtube Channel has joined in on the fun and created several Yule log videos featuring the abodes of 5 different superheroes.

First up is Captain America’s Brooklyn apartment. It’s an apartment that is likely very similar to where Steve Rogers lived before World War II, decorated in a vintage style and two versions of his shield. You can even hear faint strains of 1940’s music over the crackling of the fire.

Now we come back to the present, staying in New York city to visit Tony Stark’s Manhattan apartment. It’s very obvious who this home belongs to with a large portrait of Iron Man hung above the fireplace, four helmets perched on the mantle, red and gold used for both the throw pillows and bedding, and photos of his Avengers teammates placed around the room.

Next, we travel just a few miles away to Ms. Marvel’s home in New Jersey. You can see Kamala Khan’s outfit draped over the back of the couch.

Now we venture into outer space and see the Guardians of the Galaxy’s version of a fire aboard the Milano. The large windows show outer space and Baby Groot dances nearby to some cheery Christmas music.

Finally, we venture to the realm of Asgard for Thor’s home. It is truly befitting a Prince of Asgard, with a large feasting table and the skin of a white beast no doubt slain by Thor himself.  You’ll be reminded that you’re no longer on Earth by the occasional flash of light coming from outside and the odd foreign sound.

Sponsored by Coca-Cola, these videos are the perfect way to make your next gathering more heroic, so put this up on your laptop or television and enjoy!

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