Last Night on CONAN (12/14): Keegan-Michael Key | The Cast of “People of Earth”

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Wednesday, December 14th, Conan welcomed actor Keegan-Michael Key (MADtv), and the cast of “People of Earth,” including Ana Gasteyer, Ken Hall, Alice Wetterlund, Luka Jones, Bjorn Gustafsson, Michael Cassidy, Oscar Nunez, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Nancy Lenehan, and Brian Huskey.

CONAN Monologue 12/14/16: Conan jokes about Trump’s cabinet, the oldest woman in the world, and speedy sex.

Trump Calls Obama To Talk Inauguration Guests: The President-elect called up POTUS to talk about Kanye West and find out what POTUS stands for.

Tony The Cameraman’s Holiday Innuendo: The CONAN cameraman and his fellow crew goons have managed to make Christmas stockings smutty.

Keegan-Michael Key On Playing Luther & Meeting Obama: Keegan doesn’t see a future for Luther once President Obama is out of office, and doesn’t think our President-Elect requires an anger translator…

Keegan-Michael Key Paid Von Miller’s Fines: Real NFL players have adopted Hingle McCringleberry’s touchdown celebration, the fines of which Keegan-Michael Key feels indebted to pay.

Keegan-Michael Key Is The Sexiest Man Alive With A Toothache: Keegan was just happy he didn’t have to pose with a rubber chicken.

Bryan Cranston Gave Keegan-Michael Key The Giggles: The pair had such a gas on the set of “Why Him” that the director had to CGI their scenes together.

Ana Gasteyer And The “People Of Earth” Cast On Alien Abductions: The cast approached their roles in different ways. Alice Westerlund did zero research.  Nancy Lenehan spent a year of her life Googling “an alien stole my ovaries.”

Oscar Nunez Loves Playing A Man Of The Cloth In “People Of Earth: PLUS: Luka Jones is passionate about interacting with and playing a toll booth operator.

Brian Huskey On His “Late Night” Past: Brian had the honor of appearing in Triumph’s famous Star Wars remote and playing a man with a 2-inch penis.

The “People Of Earth” Cast On Shooting Sex Scenes: Da’Vine Joy Randolph and Luka Jones didn’t need to take all their clothes off — but as dedicated actors, they did.

The “People Of Earth” Aliens Discuss Their Costume Woes: Ken Hall gets a lot of comments about Jeff The Grey’s costume, particularly the familiar shape of Jeff’s noggin…

Tonight, Conan welcomes Funny Or Die’s Billy on the Street creator Billy Eichner, actor Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), and musical guest The Pretenders (Yes, that Pretenders!).

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