The Perfect Comic Book Display

In 2015, Manny Popoca did a review on a picture frame that was perfect for storing and displaying your valuable comic books.

Today, Comic Book Displays may not do custom orders, but they still have a fantastic product.

Comic Book Displays has come up with the ingenious way to safely display any treasured comic book, poster (11×17), and even your very own encased graded comics you may have in your collection!! All of this is done with the simple slip in-and-out top loading slots that are specifically designed for the quickest most efficient way to change and display your collections. 

Comic Book Displays was founded in 2012 by Dave Music, because he wanted easy-to-use frames to cleanly display his comic books and it looks like he succeeded.  In 2014, Comic Book Displays started offering the ability to drop your comics in through the top of the frame, rather than screwing in clips that load the plastic casing from behind. An easy way to display your comics, yet have access to them, and easy change out.

All frames are Made in America…support a local manufacturer today and get your comic book frames from Comic Book Displays.