PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: ‘BRIGANDS’ #2 from Action Lab: Danger Zone

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PopCultHQ received a preview copy of BRIGANDS #2 from Action Lab: Danger Zone. Hitting newsstands this New Comic Book Day (NCBD), Wednesday, December 14th, the creative team for this series features writing from Ram V, illustrator Nick Barber, colorist Jason Lewis, and lettering by Kel Nuttall.

Synopsis for BRIGANDS #2:

Writer: Ram V
Artist: Nick Barber
: Jason Lewis
Letterer: Kel Nuttall
Cover Artist: Mukesh Singh

Out to recruit more brigands for their heist, Stilian Desault and Veina arrive at the Barren Halls Prison. They’ve come with a box full of stolen gold to buy a good man his freedom. But the trouble with smart people making dodgy deals is they don’t settle for less and often get more than they bargained for. There’s new management in-charge of Barren Halls and they’re not about to let anyone go free.

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review:

Issue one of BRIGANDS was a refreshing break from the standard fare I typically come across. It’s not a title with an easily definable genre but I like that. So when the opportunity to review issue two came along… uh, yes please.

While not what you might generally associate with an Action Lab: Danger Zone title, known for more mature and risqué content not suitable for the young’uns, it’s definitely targeted for adults and they’re the ones who will enjoy and appreciate it most. Writer Ram V impressed the hell out of me in this issue. Loved last month’s release but Ram shows the momentum and pacing he wants to have with this story. The action is vigorous, the narrative is swift, and the delivery is brilliant. I enjoy the feeling of being along for the ride as Desault and Veina continue their quest in seeking out Brigands. Once they’re assembled, I expect Ram will kick things into overdrive with their planned heist. Oh that’s going to be an exciting, rag-tag bunch!

I really like the look and feel that artist Nick Barber has incorporated to this series. A fierce boldness that manifests intense characters that explode off the page. It’s clean, it’s crisp, it’s the right look for BRIGANDS. Colorist Jason Lewis really makes the artwork pop in BRIGANDS. It’s vivid, impassioned, and gives life to each panel. Where Barber creates a gritty look to the environment and a striking definition to the characters in Ram’s story, Lewis amplifies it

Lettering is on point. Kel Nuttall shows that lettering can be an art form and not an afterthought getting minimal attention. His opting for certain sound effects and fonts, heck, for everything credited to his name in this issue, Nuttall adds a nice quality that average or novice letterers may overlook, miss, or not even consider.

For the cover, I must say you either need to see it digitally or look really close to the cover prior to opening. What you’ll find is a highly intricate offering by Mukesh Singh. Meticulously detailed, you can tell a lot of work went into it and is worthy of being a limited variant edition.

PopCultHQ’s overall assessment:

BRIGANDS had me from the debut issue. I love the relationship we’re seeing between Stilian and Veina and the cadre of characters coming in tow. With an Ocean’s Eleven meets Suicide Squad and a healthy dose of Medieval times feel, you are looking at what is shaping up to be Task Force MCLXX.

The storyline moves better than you might expect and overall is an enjoyable book. I wouldn’t even say that I hope this series does well, because it’s filled with so much you’d want from a title – intriguing story, something different than what’s out there, steady pace, intelligent writing, art that defines the series – I can’t see how it can get better. But alas, poor Yorick, I thought the same thing after reading last month’s premiere and I was proven wrong. It’s getting bigger, better, and bolder. Bring on the BRIGANDS!

PopCultHQ’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

BRIGANDS #2 can be purchased now on ComiXology
or at your local comic shop and various online retailers!

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Writer – Ram V






Artist – Nick Barber






Colorist – Jason Lewis






Letterer – Kel Nuttall






Cover Artist – Mukesh Singh





Publisher – Action Lab: Danger Zone







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