‘Power/Rangers’ Short Film Still Better Than Upcoming Power Rangers Movie

February 2015, Manny Popoca (RIP) was excited about the upcoming Power Rangers Reboot movie…but he was more excited about a short film produced by Adi Shankar.

“Power/Rangers” is known as Shankar’s fourth “Bootleg Universe” project into the world of Power Rangers. This ultra cool sleek look into a future much like a Terminator-style post apocalypse world which stars James Van Der Beek (“Dawson’s Creek,” “Go”) and Katie Sackhoff

(“Battlestar Galactica”) portray former rangers who find themselves on opposing sides now. A futuristic look into the emotion and mentality of former Rangers – Tommy, Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Zack and Trini as they cope with post-war life.

Back then, the video was pulled but now it’s back…and it is still way better than the trailers for the film which is due out March 24, 2017.