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The Perfect Gift for the Cheetos Lovers in Your Life

by April Carvelli
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The holidays are here and I’m sure that there is at least one person on your list that is impossible to buy for. If that hard-to-buy-for person is a Cheetos lover, then Frito-Lay is sure to have the perfect gift in their Cheetos Store.

Male or female, they have something for every Cheetos lover in your life.

How about this beautiful 100% silk Cheetos colored scarf with Chester Paw Print for only $54

If that is a little high for your budget, you can always get them something that everybody needs…their very own bright orange, paw-printed Toilet Pawper, for only $7.99 a six pack. Instead of using it for the mundane everyday purpose, they suggest you use it as an accessory that is sure to get you attention. With six rolls at this price, you can gift one to each person on your list.

Unfortunately, we didn’t move fast enough to inform you about these wonderful items and many have already sold out.

Just imagine the looks you receive on Christmas day when your loved one opened the diamond and orange sapphire Eye of the Cheetah, Cheeteau Perfume, or the Colour de Cheetos Bronzer (I’m sure a certain politician is responsible for this selling out.)

There were a lot more ideal gifts for the Cheetos lover, unfortunately we didn’t move at Chester Cheetah speed to snag them in time. Guess we need to eat more Cheetos.

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