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‘The Walking Dead’ Review: 7×07 – “Sing Me A Song” [SPOILERS]

by Amanda the Brainy Librarian
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PopCultHQ’s Amanda continues her series of reviews for season seven of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Here’s a look at episode seven entitled, “Sing Me a Song,” which was inspired by Robert Kirkman’s comic book (see below) and was the turn-around fans needed (FINALLY). For more, read on!



This week’s episode had its pacing picked up a bit with Carl trying to kill Negan on his base. Carl is quickly captured by the Saviors and Negan takes him on a tour of the Sanctuary. Negan demonstrates how all his followers kneel before him and fear him. He shows Carl his harem of wives, which includes Dwight’s former wife. You can tell that Negan keeps her as one of his wives to mentally screw with Dwight. For comic fans, you will notice that they are sticking to the plot closely. 1480961906

twd5Meanwhile, Rosita is still on a quest to get homemade bullets from Eugene. She’s on a mission to plot revenge against Negan. We also get a scene with Father Gabriel telling Spencer that [paraphrasing], he’s “not a sinner but a tremendous shit.” Michonne is out on a mission herself, also trying to seek revenge. She sets up a roadblock of dead walkers to stop a Savior and takes her hostage so she’ll take her to find Negan. The final scene is Negan taking Carl back to Alexandria for his own tour. He finds Judith and picks her up. Another tactic to see how everyone will react to him.

twd8We can finally see the momentum pick up in this episode. It seems everyone wants revenge but are going on solo missions to get it. Instead of joining together to bring down Negan, they’re seeking their own ways to find Negan and the Sanctuary. This was definitely an improvement from last week’s episode.



4 out of 5 Stars

Quick shout-out to a friend, Indiana Sifuentes, who appeared in the episode. He was one of the Saviors and is pictured here standing with the button up shirt. Indiana has a Facebook page where he shares photos from production of the show. This is very cool for you hardcore fans!


Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead
Season 7, Episode 8 – “Hearts Still Beating

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Negan’s unwelcome visit to Alexandria continues as other members scavenge for supplies;
things quickly spin out of control.

 Tara offers to help Olivia as she prepares for an unwelcome visitor.

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